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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

HydroFloss Review - Super Helpful With Gum Issues

HydroFloss Review - Super Helpful With Gum Issues

Christine, a hydro floss customer writes:  "I had a nice talk with David, placed the order, and it was delivered in two days as promised with a few extras.  Very Happy with the service.  This is my second hydroflosser and they are super helpful with gum issues" 

Thank you Christine.  I appreciate your comments.  I'm delighted that the HydroFloss has worked well for you, just as it has for so many other customers.  

In my opinion, there really is nothing else quite like it.  

Of course, you should always be under the care of your dentist or periodontist when dealing with gum issues.  They can monitor you and let you know if your gums are getting healthier or not.  

They can measure your periodontal pockets and tell you if your gums have become healthy again after using the HydroFloss.  

Generally speaking, most dental professionals will say your gums are healthy when your periodontal pockets are down to 3mm or less. 

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