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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Amazon Prime HydroFloss

Want to get your Hydro Floss Via Amazon Prime?  

While we would love for you to purchase your HydroFloss form and become one of our valued customers directly, we know that sometimes people just want to buy on Amazon:  

Buy One On Amazon   If you have an Amazon prime account and prefer shopping there. 

Buy one From This Site  -   There are a number of advantages to buying on this site, read more.

Read Customer Reviews   A great number of customer reviews on The Hydro Floss demonstrate why you want to buy the Hydro Floss from this site. 

If you have any questions, call 1-888-586-6849

Why The HydroFloss?  

The hydrofloss is a powerful for dental health that has helped a lot of people gain and maintain healthy gums.  One of the biggest health problems in terms of how many people it affects is gum disease.  Dental health professionals tell us that about 75% of people have some gum disease right now. 

Gum disease can lead to loose or lost teeth.  

On the way to that point, a person may encounter many expensive treatments.  Indeed, the cost of a lost tooth and an implant can be quite high.   

One of the most objective measures of gum health is periodontal pocket depths.   One pocket depths are above 3mm, generally speaking, many dental health professionals will say that your gums are unhealthy.    Conversely,  3mm and below, generally speaking, is interpreted as healthy gum tissue. 

The hydrofloss has reduced the pocket depths of users, including myself.  And this is something that could have immense value to you. 

Different Than Other Irrigators

Some people mistake the hydrofloss for a waterpik, but they are truly different.  You can read more about that here.  

Scaling And Root Planing Treatment 

I was personally able to avoid a scaling and root planing treatment or "deep cleaning" due to the HydroFloss oral irrigator.   Since the cost of such a treatment is about $1500, in my particular case, it was worth it to pay $100 for a HydroFloss.   

My dentist confirmed that my gums were healthy again and also told me that I no longer needed that SRP treatment that she had previously recommended.   I was delighted. 

So, is it possible that the HydroFloss will be beneficial to you and allow you to avoid expensive treatments and possibly even save your teeth?   Every human body is different, but for the costs involved, isn't worth it to find out of the HydroFloss will help you or not?   


Again, if you have questions for me, just call the number at the top of your screen.   I hope you can see the value of a HydroFloss at this point.  You can get one on this site.  

However, you can also find one on Amazon.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Oral Irrigation With Sulcus Jet Tips

sulcus  tip oral irrigation
 These tips were designed for people who suffer from periodontal pocket depths ranging in the 5 - 6 mm range.  

The pocket pal jet tips also serve this need as well.  

Overall, it comes to a matter of preference.  I like the softer rubber tip on the pocket pals, but there are still people who prefer the sulcus tips.

These are both designed to fit the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator.  They are NOT for other irrigators.  One customer thought they might fit another kind of irrigator, but I do not suggest trying that.   These are only for the Hydro Floss.

You can check out the sulcus tips here

You can check out the Hydro Floss here

hydro floss is better than others that I am aware of


Monday, November 11, 2013

My Dentist Told Me I Need To Start Using An Irrigator

I recently,  just before writing this, had a customer chat in (lower right hand side of screen - if still available when you read this) and say that his (I assume) dentist told him to get an irrigator and start using it.

His Aunt gave him an old one to use.   But the tips were broken or missing, with only 1 good one left.
So, he was looking for tips that might fit his old machine.

He thought the sulcus tips would work.   I was a bit skeptical since these are different brands we were discussing.

Then I began to explain why the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator is better than others.   I even created a video on this topic.  

Yes, I have a strong opinion.  But, I think that opinion is more than well enough backed up by researched fact.   This isn't my 'research'.  This is professional completed studies published in a peer reviewed journal.

So, I think there is more than enough reason to honestly say the Hydro Floss is better than all the others I am aware of.

Check it out today.  

hydro floss is better than others that I am aware of


Toilet Tree TTP-PRO 1000 Oral Irrigator Versus The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator 7618.034

This is a comparison of the  ToiletTree Irrigator  TTP-PRO 1000 Oral Irrigator to The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

1. Customer Reviews Toilet Tree - Reviews on another site show complaints and unhappy users. 

Hydro Floss,  check our Hydro Floss Reviews here for comparison -
(most are positive with occasional negatives. 

2.  Power

The Toilet Tree uses a rechargeable battery.  I've spoken to at least one person who had two of these and he told me that the battery just does not last.

The Hydro Floss -  It uses a plug, no need to worry about recharging or batteries wearing out quickly.

3.  Water Container

Toilet Tree - I could not find information on how much the toilet tree holds at one time, but based on pictures it does not seem likely that it holds as much as the Hydro Floss (800 ML).

4. Technology And Effectiveness 

The Toilet Tree does not employ a magnet.   The Hydro Floss does, you can read more about the power of this magnet here.   

Basically, the use of the magnet has been clinically demonstrating to be around twice as effective as irrigators that did not use the magnet technology.  

Check out The Hydro Floss now. 

Still Have Questions?  

Just call 888-586-6849

ToiletTree Versues Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator


Monday, November 4, 2013

Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator Magnetic Quality and Benefit Explained

This is a relatively easy Hydro Floss question to answer: 

The magnetic quality is that a charge is placed on minerals that are in the water.  This charge, in turn, causes plaque and bacteria to become less adhesive and come off the teeth and gums easier.

This causes a greater reduction in plaque and tartar buildup between office visits as shown in two articles published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.   One article was published in May of 1993 and another in April of 1998.

The second study was done with the intention of disproving the first researchers results.  However, the second researcher obtained even better results than the first researcher, making her a 'believer'.

So, it has been clearly documented that the magnetic quality is a big deal and makes a significant difference.

If it is time to improve / protect your dental health or that of someone you love, then maybe it is time to get a  Hydro Floss?

Find More Here

Find More Here


Thursday, September 26, 2013

HydroFloss With Pocket Pal Jet Tips for 5 to 6 mm Periodontal Pockets.

Hydro floss with pocket pal jet tips for 5 and 6 mm pockets.  If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know without a doubt that I think the Hydro Floss is one of the best tools you can use for your home dental care needs.

You may have a solid chance at reducing expensive future bills through prevention.  

Generally speaking,  3mm and below is considered healthy by most dental professionals.  On the other hand, generally speaking, above that is considered unhealthy.

You can test how well the Hydro Floss is working by comparing your new pocket depths - after about a month of use - to your old depths.   If you see an improvement, then it probably means your Hydro Floss is making a difference. 

You should not be surprised about that, because it seems to work for a lot of people.  Does it work for everyone?  No.  You can expect it to work100% for everyone 100% of the time.   We are all different.  But it does work for a lot of people.  Including me.  

You might be wondering why it works.   Utilizing the mathematically correct magnet, it is able to put a charge on the minerals that are in the water that passes through it.   This in turn, causes the plaque and bacteria to become less adhesive.  This gives you a greater reduction in build up between your regular office visits compared to 'regular' irrigators (without a magnet).  

I hope you enjoy your new found power and perhaps greater control over your dental health. 

If you can prevent  even one lost tooth or expensive treatment, it is more than worth it to you. 


get pocket pal jet tips with your Hydro Floss oral irrigator
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Interesting HydroFloss Story

Customer Barbara King from North Carolina called today with an intriguing story about the Hydro Floss.

Hydro Floss intriguing story(She told me it was ok to use her name here or I would not normally do so.)

Here is the experience that she shared with me:

She said that she was having terrible lower jaw pain.  She said there was no pain in the upper jaw, just the lower one.

She said that a dentist told her to get a Hydro Floss  After she started using it, the terrible jaw pain went away.

Barbara suggested that it must be the magnet in the Hydro Floss .

Thank you Barbara for sharing this experience.

Of course, we cannot draw anything conclusive or make any statements based on this one experience.  But I thought it would be interesting to write about it.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was a relationship between the two.   But we don't really have a good way to test that out.  

Read more about The Hydro Floss

interesting customer story about the hydroflossSincerely,

(glad my gums don't hurt anymore - Snape)

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HydroFloss Customer Reviews

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Hydro Floss Instructions / Directions

Hygienist Suggested 

10 Reasons To HydroFloss

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lynne Highly Recommends The HydroFloss

This review is from a customer and was placed on our site on February 2013.  Newer reviews can be found at this link. 

As you can see, Lynne is quite happy to be using the Hydro Floss.   

She mentions that her friend recommended it to her.   She goes on to tell her special story about how the Hydro Floss helped her.  

Finally, she rounds it out by saying that you will be surprised what this machine uncovers even after you think you mouth is clean from regular brushing and flossing.  (Many customers have made this same discovery).

When you think about it, if there is hidden debris, isn't it that much harder for the saliva to do its natural cleaning and rebuilding functions?    You would probably want any 'hidden' particles out of your mouth when it its time for bed or after eating a meal.    I'm just guessing you would want that, but it seems reasonable.  I know that I would like my mouth to be clean before bed so that I my saliva can do its natural job of rebuilding tooth enamel and killing bacteria.

Read more about the Hydro Floss Now. 


PS:  Get your free guide to stopping bad breath   or gum disease

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Her Dental Hygienist Recommended This For Her Husband


Well, I must admit, I did a very poor job on this video.  The picture is off center and there were horrendous spelling mistakes in the text itself that I did not correct before making the video. 

The uncentered picture also caused the complete header graphic to be unreadable.   However, despite all of this, the content is still relevant and all that really matters. 

It is the information that counts.  I hope you can see that the Hydro Floss is  powerful tool and can be very beneficial to your dental health. 

You might also be interested in - The Hydro Floss Magnetic Irrigator  

Additional Resources:

1. The Book: What You Should Know About Gum Disease  

2. The Guide:  How to Stop Gum Disease In 3 Easy Steps

3.  The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

Additional Pages On This site: 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Results - The Hydro Floss Gets Results - Video

Here is a Direct Link to the web page in the video

Buttons will be added here


Seriously though, it has helped a lot of people - including myself.    I think you and / or  your family can benefit from this machine. 

Many of my customer wait until their dentist or hygienist suggests that they get one.  But, why wait until then?   Why not start doing more to protect your periodontal health today?  

Since 75% of people have periodontal problems (gum disease) according to many dental health professionals, it only make sense to work harder on prevention today, right?  

The cost of expensive treatments is just to great.   Aside from the 'deep cleaning' treatments mentioned in the video, there are also tooth extractions and the cost of impants!   Then there are other surgeries and procedures for the gums as well. 

Prevention does pay!   (it pays the patient most). 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Video Commentary: What Do General von Steuben and The Hydro Floss Have In Common

The Hydro Floss should not remain a mystery to so many people.  You should not leave yourself in the dark about its capabilities.

Sometimes, people are unaware of the coolest things that are sitting right in their own back yard.

It's time you learned about the Hydro Floss today - If you don't already know / have one.

 Read More About The Hydro Floss

Customer Reviews. 


PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath   

More helpful links :

Pocket Pal Tips   

Pocket Pal Tip Reviews

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Video Commentary - Implantologist Loves The Hydro Floss


If you have questions, let me know. 

If you are a dental office or dental professional and are interested in giving your patients access to this fantastic tool, give me a call at 1-888-586-6849.  

This topic is open for discussion

Do not overlook / forget about dental health problem prevention as well.  Many expensive dental procedures could be avoided in the first place, if patient's were more educated about prevention.   My favorite.  


PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath  

PPS: prevention can also help a lot in reducing an individual's or family's health care costs.  My favorite prevention tool.   

Hydro Floss Customer Reviews 

Friday, April 5, 2013

"My Dentist Recommended the Hydro Floss"

I hear this on a regular basis.  Someone calls to order a HydroFloss because their dentist or hygienist told them to get a Hydro Floss and start using it.

Sidenote: [ If you are a dental office that wants your patients to have the Hydro Floss - consider sending them to ]

Why do they recommend this particular tool?  Why not recommend just any irrigator,  like the ones you can buy at the local drugstore? 

The reason they do recommend the HF is  because they know that it works particularly well.   Of course, there is no one thing the works 100% of the time  - that would not be very likely.   But for many people the Hydro Floss has worked.

What Do You Mean By "Worked"?  

 Many dentist and hygienists have seen that their patients end up with a reduction in periodontal pocket depths.   3mm and below is generally speaking, considered 'normal' and 'healthy'.   While above 3mm, again, generally speaking is considered 'not normal' or 'unhealthy'.

Many people have deeper than 3mm pocketing and this is, generally speaking, indicative of gum disease.

With these deeper than 3mm pockets it is possible for the bacteria to achieve a high enough presence that they  begin to erode the periodontal (gum) tissue that surrounds a tooth.  This can ultimately lead to loose and lost teeth.

So, having deeper than 3mm pockets is basically the problem that you would like to prevent or fix.

Again, nothing works 100% of the time for everyone.  Your situation should always be monitored by our dentist.  They should be measuring these pocket depths on every visit and telling you what those numbers are.   Follow your dentists advice.

The problem is that 'most' people have gum disease, they just haven't been told yet.   Often times, they are told when it is time for an expensive treatment.  Now that you know about periodontal pocket depths, perhaps you will be better equipped to prevent the problem or deal with it when it occurs.

Read More About The Hydro Floss  


PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath  

PPS: prevention can also help a lot in reducing an individual's or family's health care costs.  My favorite prevention tool. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator New Generation 2013 Model - NOT!

I have to laugh when I hear about the Hydro Floss New Generation 2013 Model. 

Let me tell you a little secret:   There is NO SUCH THING. 

The Hydro Floss model is exactly the same as it was in 2012 and 2011.  The only difference is the packaging.   Here is what the new packaging looks like:

 And This is exactly the packaging that every new Hydro Floss has come in since 2012.  So, some tricky marketer came up with that  Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator New Generation 2013 Model stuff.

Whoever is doing that - can you really be sure of the source? 

We have the genuine Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator here at this site.  We are one of a few authorized distributors.   You have to be careful about what is out there on the Internet.

The Hydro Floss has a patented technology that makes it effective - but imitations are not likely to have that advantage.  

Toothy Grins Store has the real deal - the legitimate Hydro Floss.   


PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath   
PPS:   Attention affiliates, sign up here for our program to promote real, physical products.