Monday, January 7, 2013

The Doctors TV Show Talked About The Hydro Floss

Customers Have Told Me

I'm not exactly sure when this happened but it seems to me that it was a while back, perhaps a year. But I know that I had several customers call me to tell me that they had heard about the Hydro Floss on The Doctor's TV show.

Well, that is a good sign.  Not just for the Hydro Floss but also for the common sense of the doctors on that show.  They investigated and discovered that the Hydro Floss is a hidden treasure that more people should know about.   That is my theory about why they mentioned / put it on the their show.

Not A Surprise

I am not at all surprised!  As more and more intelligent men and women study this machine, I think you will hear more talking about it.

It has been well documented for many years.   But sometimes, it takes a long time for a good idea to get rooted in the common knowledge of the people.

The Hydro Floss is definitely different from other Oral Irrigators.  It has a special magnet inside of it. This magnet is quite long and cylindrical.  It is not a skimpy magnet.  There is a pretender about - that model has a small round magnet and no one can say for sure that it is up to snuff.

But the magnet in the Hydro Floss makes a difference.  THAT has been studied and well documented in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Periodontology.   It wasn't written about just one time only.  It was studied twice.   The results were better than not using a magnet at all.  The results both times were deemed 'statistically significant'.   This general means that it is not likely that the results were random or happened by chance.

As I mentioned, I do believe that as more and more intelligent people take a look at this easy-to-use machine, they will also start to talk about it, like this doctor.

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PS: you can read more about the HydroFloss here at this link.  

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