Saturday, April 20, 2013

Coffee Breath Got You Down?

Most of us love that morning cup of Java!   And for good reason.  It seems to really get the gears turning.  

We love to make it to get that kick start before firing up the computer or commuting to the office.   The coffee shops all open their doors early to catch this morning crown and the ensuing profits every morning! 

The downside to all of this is coffee breath!  We can really annoy our coworkers - although they may have their own coffee breath as well.    Yet, it is no fun to get to that morning meeting just wreaking of coffee. 

When you are in the spotlight it can be noticeable and when you are NOT in the spotlight it can also be notable.   In either case, their is a good chance someone will notice the coffee stench.

What Can We Do? 

What should we do about this situation?   There are two measures to take. 

But first it is important to realize that the acid from the coffee itself will make bad breath producing bacteria multiply faster.  It's like a self perpetuating double whammy.  With more bacteria, they produce more odor and more acid.  

You can see that this can turn into a feedback loop that grows itself!  

Short Term Measure 

The first measure is short term.   Do not try to cover up those oders with short term solutions like mints and stuff like that.   They cover the smell - temporarily, but the feedback loop mentioned above is not eliminated. 

The acid also harms your teeth at the same time.  (see: why coffee is bad for your teeth).

Use this special gum, that is designed to attack the root cause of the bad breath rather than just cover a smell up.   It may also help to neutralize some of the acidity. 

Long Term Measure

If short term bad breath is your only problem, the gum might be enough for you.   But what if you have longer term bad breath?     Try one of these kits to see if it will help you.


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