Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Home Ozonator Coupon - toothyozonator5

I am delighted to report that we have a new coupon code here at ToothyGrinsStore.com
You can use coupon toothyozonator5 for your brand new Dr. Katz Ozonator.

This coupon is good for 5% off.  Plus (at the time of this writing) any order over $25 qualifies for free shipping as well.  

The power of ozone has been employed by individuals and healers for  quite some time.  The stories about this abound and you can find plenty out there on the Internet.

You can read more about the power of ozone here.  

You can get your free guide to the Dr. Katz Ozonator, including special uses as well.

You can now apply coupon toothyozonator5 and reap the savings

One of many simple uses of Ozone is to clean your toothbrush daily.  

Of course you can also drink ozonated water and make ozonated oils for topical use.   Making meat last longer and cleaning vegetables are additional 'simple' uses.

Most people have their own reason for using ozone.

Consider getting your ozonator today.

David Snape

PS:  Get your free guide to stopping bad breath   

Read more on the Hydro Floss

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