Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Do Baron Friedrich von Steuben and The Hydro Floss Have In Common?

What a great question!   Here is the short answer and then I will explain further:

They are both 'secrets' to success!

General von Steuben was instrument to the success of the Americans in the Revolutionary War.   He taught discipline, bayonet skills and sanitation to the American continental army.  He was THE general in charge of training and organization of the Continental Army. 

In fact, before von Steuben showed them the way, many soldiers were using their bayonets as cooking utensils!  They did not know what to do with them!   

Von Steuben's training was so good that one battle was fought and won completely with bayonets!  If the soldiers had not learned how to use them, ultimately because of and from von Steuben, they would not have been able to do that!  

Why was von Steuben so knowledgeable about army organization and training?   It is because he served as an aid to Prussian generals and he was taught about warfare by the King of Prussia himself.  Just previous to that time Prussia had one of the best and most powerful military forces in the world. 

Von Steuben has been written about and his role in helping the Americans to win against the well trained and disciplined British army is indisputable.  Anyone who studies the Revolutionary War in depth will undoubtedly know about him and his role. 

Yet, few Americans would be able to tell you who von Steuben was.  He is essentially a secret that is right out in the open!

This is where the similarity to the HydroFloss comes in.   The Hydro Floss is a secret that is kept right out in the open.   Few people know about what it can do.   

Yet, it has been around for 25 years.   Many dentists and hygienists do know about it and they recommend it to their patients.   However, many remain ignorant of its capabilities.  

Therefore, it is just like General Steuben - So very important and yet so unknown.   

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