Friday, August 2, 2013

How To Get Alkalized Water Cheap!

portable water alkalizer
You know how some of those water alkalizing machines out there cost $4,000 or something ridiculous like that?

Well, I just found a way to get alkalyzed water a LOT cheaper. I mean a LOT cheaper. Check this out :

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 This makes the total cost ridiculously cheap. ! 

You'll make your friends who spent $4000 plus on their water alkalyzer machines extremely jealous.  Especially when you tell them you got your portable one for under $60.

You just can't go wrong at that price.  

What are some of the points about drinking alkalized water?  

May give you more energy.

May help with blood sugar control

Balance the body's pH - This is a huge one if you are into what Holistic and Natural Healers have to say.

( if you would like to understand  the theory behind this whole pH balancing of the body, give us a call)

Check out this portable alkalizer and score an additional 15% off with coupon ToothySave15


You can also find this portable model on Amazon - but the coupon doesn't apply.

alkalyzer alkamate portable alkalizer for water


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