Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Healthier Living For You - 25% off Coupon - Ends Tomorrow!

Healthier Living 4 You has a limited time 25% off coupon that you can use up until Wednesday September 25th  2013 at midnight!

This coupon has expired - Used Coupon ToothyGrins15 instead.  

healthier living 4 you 25% off couponThe coupon code is  ToothySave25    This coupon won't last forever, so don't miss out.

Check them out now. 

What do they have?

Alkaline water - everyone is talking about it,  but have you EVER been able to get it this inexpensively before?

Heavy Metal toxicity detection kit - I remember talking to a nurse once who ran a holistic center.

She told me they had a patient with lead poisoning use their foot bath.

They analyzed the water afterwards and found a heavy concentration of led.     She worked on stained glass for a living.  

Detox Foot Spa - They have a premium foot bath that appears to be super powerful.

If you know and understand what a foot bath can do in way of detox, you should use that coupon on this one. 

Water pitcher for making alkaline water  - Again, saves you a LOT of money on making alkaline water with their innovative and unique and COST EFFECTIVE way to make alkaline water at home!

Whatever you do, check out this good deal before this coupon expires on September 25th  at midnight!

Here is the coupon again:  


Check them out now. 

a coupon for healthier living 4 you


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