Thursday, June 4, 2015

ToothyGrinsStore At A Glance On Amazon

Looking for ToothyGrinsStore on Amazon?  

There are plenty of good reasons to shop at, but I understand that some customers just want to buy on Amazon.  Therefore, the above link is provided to help you find our entire store catalog on Amazon. 

If you choose to shop on Toothy Grins Store instead, look for the 'email me a better price' links on selected products.   In addition, we have coupons that are worth utilizing.   

I'm adding that information to encourage you to shop on this site instead.  We have many of the same products that we list on Amazon.  If you don't see something you want,  just call me at 888-586-6849 and you can even order by phone if you want to!  

Supporting small business is arguably more important than ever now.   When we list on Amazon we have to pay their fees on every transaction which can have an impact on our pricing, unfortunately.  

While Toothy Grin's appreciates the opportunity to sell on Amazon, we also greatly appreciate our customers and I hope that you will appreciate and trust  Toothy Grins enough to purchase directly from us.   

Thank you for being a customer and thank you for your support!

This is the link to Toothy Grins' Amazon Store


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