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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oxycare 3000 Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigator - Is There Something Better?

Is There Something That Works Better?  

I'll Let You Be The Judge.   

Both the Oxycare 3000 and the Hydro Floss employ a magnet.   The idea behind the magnet is that it can place a charge on minerals in water.  That charge causes the plaque and bacteria to become less adhesive and to come off the teeth easier. 

So far so good right? 

But, There is a Catch...

You see, the hydro floss came first and it was born out of an understanding of Michael Faraday's research from centuries ago.   

There is a mathematical calculation involved.   

The Hydro Floss' long cylindrical magnet meets those mathematical criteria.   However, the small round magnet inside the oxycare is not likely to meet those requirements. 


The Hydro Floss has been clinically tested by real, unbiased researchers.  Those researchers were completely independent from the Hydro Floss company.   

Their research was peer reviewed and published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.  

That is the professional journal for periodontists - dentists who further specialize in gum health and disease.  

Both studies showed that the HydroFloss is able to create the effect of less plaque and tartar buildup between regular office visits. 

This is important because it is plaque and tartar where the bad bacteria that do so much harm to our teeth and gums hide.  

People, like myself, have really been able to improve the health of their gums with the Hydro Floss. 

On the other hand....  The Oxycare has not been studied by the same professional unbiased researchers and no results have been published in the above mentioned journal that I'm aware of. 

Question is, would you rather have something that is proven to work or something that 'might' work.  Plus, based on what I mentioned about the magnet above, there is a big question mark about how well it may work compared to the Hydro Floss. 


Do you go with something that 'might' be as good or do you go with the original good item?    I guess it's a judgement call but I sure know what I would choose.  

Proven effective VS a Question Mark?    - Which will you choose?  You be the judge... 

If you would like to read more about the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator - You can do so here: 


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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Where Can I Purchase A HydroFloss Oral Irrigator?

Where Can I Purchase A HydroFloss?

You can purchase one here at 

We also have accessories for the Hydro Floss including reservoirs, regular jet tips, sulcus jet tips, cannula tips, pocket pal tips, o-rings, pumps, and hose assemblies.

Always be sure to clean your hydro floss daily with hot soapy water and run a quarter cup of white vinegar through it once- per-month.

That last tip will help your hydro floss to last longer by keeping it free of mineral buildup on the inside.

If you have questions about the Hydro Floss or need to order by telephone,  call this number  1-888-586-6849.

To order your New Hydro Floss online:  go here.  

On the off chance you like to shop on amazon, go here instead.


PS:  Get your free guide :  How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hydro Floss Model 7618.034 : Definitely The Best

Parts Or Replacement For Your Hydro Floss Model 7618.034


If you need a part for the above model number you can probably find what you are looking for here:

New Hydro Floss

If you need a new Hydro Floss, you can get one here:

Toothy Grins Store

Toothy Grins Store carries both the genuine Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator  (not an imitation) as well as parts for model 7618.034.

You can find the part number on the bottom of your machine.  It should look like the above picture.

If you need help via telephone, simply call 888-586-6849.

Here is another helpful link:

Hydro Floss Model 7618.034 Instructions.

You can get your Hydro Floss parts for self repair here:  

For a new Hydro Floss, you might also want to checkout our packages and bundles.  

If you prefer, we also maintain some inventory on Amazon.  

Again,  call 1-888-586-6849 for any questions you may have.



PS:  Get your free guide :  How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Oral B Water Flosser - Is It The Best?

My Thoughts on Oral B

Oral B is a well respected brand.  They have done well and the electric toothbrushes are well made.

I'm sure their oral b water jets are also well made.

Actually, you can't call the oral b irrigators "water flossers" at all, because Waterpik has trademarked the phrase "water flosser".  

Generally,  oral be will call their irrigators "Water Jets"  and I think they are a bit hard to find in the US.   But, they are sold in Germany.

I can't find anything wrong with this brand at all.

Oral B is owned by the Gillette company (originally by Braun, which is owned by Gillette now) which is, in turn, owned by Proctor and Gamble.   (at the time of this writing).  

Is The Oral B Water Flosser The Best?  

I must confess, I have not used it at all.   

However, I do know of something that I think is better.   How can I say that without using it?  I know, it seems a bit unfair, doesn't it?   

But, please hear me out.  

A long time ago Michael Faraday (English scientist and inventory) noted that the properties of water changed when passing through a magnet.   (This influence is actually on the minerals in the water).  

Turns out that there is a great use for this in oral care.   The charge that is placed on the minerals, when the magnet is the right size and oriented correctly,  causing plaque and bacteria to become less adhesive.  

They come off easier!  That leads to a greater reduction and plaque and tartar buildup.  This in turn can protect our dental health better.  

Less plaque and tartar buildup means potentially less problems for our dental health,  and less expensive bills, pain, etc... at the office.  

While the Oral B Brand is strong, respected and well known, there is only one oral irrigator that has this magnetic technology correctly applied.  (I'm leaving off a copy cat product that has an untested magnet).  

The tested and proven magnet is in the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator.  


David Snape

gum disease book and hydrofloss picture

Friday, August 29, 2014

Do Water Flossers Work?

Yes, they do.  And in some cases they work exceptionally well.  

If you want to give yourself the best chance for success, you should choose a Hydro Floss for your flosser.    It's really the best, but more about that later. 

In regard to the question at hand, many people have been help to improve their dental health via an irrigation device. 

There are many dentists and hygienists who recommend them.  They can see the results.   There are some dental professionals that don't believe in them.  

However, that probably means that haven't tested water flossers for themselves or given their patients a change to test them either.  

This is how you know if it is working for you or not

Again, I want to stress that the best irrigator is the Hydro Floss,

The way to know, in REAL objective terms, if a flosser is working for you is to measure your before and after periodontal pocket depths.

If you are visiting a professional regularly, there is a very good chance they have your before numbers.   You can just call them and ask.

Then use your water flosser for thirty days and get those depths checked again.  If there is an improvement then you are in the right direction.

The best chances to see improvement, in my opinion come from using the hydro floss.  

Why Is The Hydro Floss The Best? 

The Hydro Floss uses something that other irrigators do not use.  It uses a special magnet technology.  This difference has been shown by researchers to produce a greater reduction in plaque and tartar buildup between office visits when compared with an irrigator not using the magnet. 

Plaque and tarter are the enemy to your dentla health.  Underneath them, the bad bacteria grow and they can damage both gum tissue (gum disease) and initiate cavities. 

The research was peer reviewed in both studies and the results were published in a professional Journal:  The Journal of Clinical Periodontology.  

But, Does it REALLY Work? 

 Nothing can be guaranteed to work for 100% of the people 100% of the time.  Every human body is different. 

However, the Hydro Floss worked for me.   I had pocket depths, many ranging between 4 and 6mm.

Generally speaking, 3mm is considered healthy.   But when you are hire then that, generally speaking, most dental professionals will call that gum disease. 

So your end goal is to get ALL of your pockets down to 3mm or less. 

What happened in my case?  Well the dentist said I needed to get a deep cleaning treatment.  (Scaling and Root Planing)  They are expensive and may have to be done again in every 1 to 3 years (sometimes sooner).

I was determined to find another way.  I tried many things and the dentist was not satisified.

Finally I tried the Hydro Floss and that did the trick.    She said my gums were better and I did not need that deep cleaning treatment any longer.

In my case, the Hydro Floss proved its value.

I have talked to many customers over the years and it appears that many (even most) of them have obtained great results too!

So, read more and enjoy your new Hydro Floss!  


David Snape

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why Should I Buy A HydroFloss?

Why Should You Buy A HydroFloss?  

The hydrofloss is the most effective oral irrigator on the market today - as far as I am aware. 

The reason why it is the best is very simple.  It uses the power of a magnet to do a better and more thorough job keeping your teeth clean and your gums in better shape. 


Where's the proof?   The proof comes in two forms.  Both items of proof come from professional studies that were peer reviewed and published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. 

The Journal of Clinical Periodontology is the professional journal for periodontists.  They are dentists who specialize in gum health and disease.  Periodontists usually have an additional 2 years of education over and above the normal dental education.  

The first study was published in May of 1993 in the Journal mentioned above.  In this study it was determined that their was a greater reduction in plaque and tartar buildup for patients that used an irrigator with the magnet as opposed to not using the magnet.  

The results indicated about a 50% greater reduction.  The results were deemed statistically significant, meaning that those results weren't likely do to chance alone. 

The second researcher came along around 1998.  She published her study in the same journal in April of 1998.  

Her starting point was a bit different however.  Her intention was to disprove the results of the first study.   Instead she actually got better results than the first researcher did.  

Customer Reports and Testimonials

I've had a chance to talk to probably hundreds of people by now.  I've found that many people are getting excellent results.   

They tell me that their periodontal pockets have shrunk (as measured by a dentist) and they also tell me that their gums have become healthy. 

They also say things like, " I don't want to be without my hydrofloss for long".   etc.  

You can read customers reviews here.   You'll have to dig through them because some are more about service than about the machine.  But, the interesting ones are in there.  

Why Is Keeping Your Gums Healthy Important?  

The number one cause of tooth loss by far is gum disease.  

About 75% of people have gum disease right now, whether they know it or not.  (most don't).  

Gum disease is the process of destroying bone and flesh that supports the teeth.  If you can arrest this process and keep your periodontal pocket depths to 3mm or less, you will have a much greater chance of keeping your teeth for a lifetime of good service. 

Generally speaking, when you get your periodontal pockets to 3mm or less, most dentists will agree that your gums are healthy at that point.   Then you just need to keep them that way. 

The HydroFloss has helped a lot of people.  

And it continues to do so.  

For me personally,  it helped me to make my gums healthy again after being threatened by my dentist that I had to get a 'deep cleaning' treatment.   

After I used the HydroFloss for a while, I went back and she confirmed that I did not need to get that deep cleaning treatment after all.  

Since then, I've talked to many people who have similar stories.   

Occasionally, I run into a customer who is not getting good results.  Upon questioning them I can almost always point to the fact that they are not using the machine to get the best and maximum benefit.   With an adjustment in how they use the machine, they have a chance to get better results and have those results confirmed by their dentist.  

For customers of Toothy Grins Store, I provide this type of phone conversation.   


David Snape

Monday, August 25, 2014

Benefits Of The Hydro Floss

The Hydro Floss or Rather, The Benefits It Brings, Are Worthwhile 

In today's world, there are many things that you can purchase that, in the end, don't do you a lot of good.  

I'm happy to report that the Hydro Floss irrigator is an exception to that rule.


I'll illustrate this with a story.  This happens to be my own story.   I was having trouble with my dentist.  

She was telling me that I had moderate gum disease and that I needed a special treatment
called a Root Scaling and Planing Treatment.  They also call these 'deep cleanings'.  

They are expensive.  They can be painful once the anesthetics wear off.  There is research that seems to suggest that these procedures lead to additional gum recession. 

I didn't like the sounds of what that seemed to entail! 

I did my research.

I tried many things out including special mouthwashes, special tools to scrape the teeth, essential oils and the classic oil pulling.    None of these worked for me. 

In fact, I think that some of them, in the case of the oil pulling and one of the mouth rinses actually made things worse.

Each time I went back to the dentist, they would tell me that my gums were just as bad as before and that I needed to get the 'deep cleaning' treatment pronto! 

I tried again. 

I tried a new approach.  I read about the Hydro Floss and it's magnetic properties.   I was skeptical like many others.   But I was also willing to suspend belief for the sake of testing for myself.

I tried it out for a several months and went back to my dentist.

She had an interesting reaction as did the hygienist she was working with.   They both were visibly surprise and shocked.

After examining my mouth for a long time the dentist finally said to me: "Whatever you are doing, keep it up and you don't need that treatment any longer."

YES!  success... victory... happy  dance...  etc...

I was able to avoid that treatment and the problems that seem to come with it, such as needing the same treatment again in 1-3 years.

It was the Hydro Floss that made my gums healthy again! 

That's my true, personal story with the machine.

Many Others Have Benefited

I must say that I have had the privilege to talk to many of my customers over the years.  You can ask me questions at  1-888-586-6849 if you want.  Ask for David, if I don't personally answer. 

What I have learned from these wonderful people is that my story is NOT unique.   Many other people have had great experiences with their gums becoming healthier again by utilizing the Hydro Floss. 

If it is going to work for you, you will know through your dentist - as happened in my story.   The hydro floss did the work and my dentist verified the results.

I hope you get a chance to check out the Hydro Floss for yourself.    It could be a game changer for you that might save you a lot of pain, time and money. 

Always get your dentist to check and verify your results.  Every human body is a little different.  

It might really be to your benefit to check out the Hydro Floss.


David Snape

PS:  Get your free guide:  How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps

hydrofloss benefits

Sunday, August 24, 2014

HydroFloss Plus AktivOxigen Bundled Package

Now you can get a HydroFloss + AktivOxigen drops together as a bundled package.

This is one Brand New HydroFloss Oral Irrigator plus AktivOxigenSerum (one bottle) together in a single package.

The AktivOxigen is nice to have because many people are interesting in answer the question: "What can I put in my HydroFloss".

The aktivoxigen serum allows you to 'oxygenate' the water in the Hydrofloss reservoir.

The bad bacteria hate oxygen.   Giving it to them can kill them or slow down their metabolism.  Of course, you can't get rid of all of them.  But keeping the population low is helpful.

To be clear, you don't need to have anything to put into your hydro floss.  However, many people still want to put something in.   This package is for them.

The aktivoxigen serum can also be used to make a stand alone mouthwash.  Just follow the directions that come with it.

The HydroFloss is an amazing machine that can allow you to reduce plaque and tartar buildup between your regular office visits than other irrigators that are devoid of the magnetic technology that makes the Hydro Floss effective.

So take a look at this special bundled package now.  


David Snape


HydroFloss Best Price - Is There Really One Or Do You Get What You Pay For?

The best official price on a Hydro Floss is $98.   Authorized sellers of this product are not allowed to sell below this price.

If you find a cheaper HydroFloss, you'll need to question that source and / or what you are getting.

What if you are getting a used one?  Maybe someone repaired it and is trying to pass it off as new.

Maybe it is an imitation?   Maybe there is something else wrong.


I remember one time I bought a board game from ebay.   It was an expensive board game, but I got it for 1/2 the normal price.

I thought I was getting a good deal.   I had to ask the sender to send it to me 2 or 3 times.  It was over a month before I actually got it.   When it arrived, I found it came from Malaysia.

The board itself wasn't correct.  It looked like the real game but it had spelling mistakes on it.
I started to wonder what I was getting.    It appears that the real company that made this game was being copied from countries where they can hide from patents and / or copyright protections.

I didn't get a good item.  It was disappointing.  Still usable but disappointing.

Be Careful. 

The Hydro Floss is special because of it's magnetic quality.    If that is not present or is not done right in a copy, you might or probably will lose the greatest benefit of the Hydro Floss.

Then it would be about the same as any old irrigator that you can buy at your local drug store.

So, be careful of cheap imitations, copies,  used products and other possible negatives.

Toothy Grins Store is authorized to sell the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator. 

We sell it on this site and also on Amazon.  

Go check it out on Toothy Grins  now.  

Bundled packages.  


David Snape


Friday, August 22, 2014

HydroFloss On Craigslist ?

I just got a call from a guy who found our number on Craig's list.

Toothy Grins is not currently advertising on Craig's list.  So I thought this was strange.

Apparently, someone is trying to sell a used one and put our 888 number for a Free consultation.

That's not ok.   No one is allowed to use our number that way.

Don't trust just anyone to get your Hydro Floss.  These are special machines with a special magnetic technology that really does a great job of reducing plaque and tartar build up.

It does so well that it has been clinically documented not just once, but twice by different researchers.  You can't get this kind of plaque reducing action from a regular irrigator.

Don't go for cheap Knock Offs that can't provide this benefit to you.

You can get a Hydro Floss here at   Toothy Grins Store.    

We also sell it on Amazon  ,  but you can get a better deal buying direct from Toothy Grins.

There are very few people authorized to sell this machine.   You have to question the source because if you get a cheap imitation, in addition to it possibly not being effective, it could also be that your warranty would not be honored.

Plus you can't get a real consultation about how to get the best out of your Hydro Floss from a scammer.  

But you can get a free phone consultation  when you buy from Toothy Grins Store.

I hope this clears up the question about the Hydro Floss on Craig's list.


David Snape


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

HydroFloss In Australia?

The Hydro Floss has been made for North America.   That means it is made for the 110v system in Canada and the US. 

Australia is on the 220 V system.  If you get a Hydro Floss from North America, you are going to need a converter. 

Converters Vs Adapters 

Please be very aware: A converter is NOT the same thing as an adapter (although you may need both).   If you were to ONLY use an adaptor, you WILL destroy your Hydro Floss.

A converter is something that changes the voltage.  It will take the 220V in Australia and CONVERT it to 110V so that you can successfully use your Hydro Floss without blowing it up. 

I'm stressing this point about the converter VS the adapter because I've had at least two customers who were confused about the difference.

In both cases, these customers used an ADAPTER and NOT a converter and that caused their machines to  break.   We are talking smoke, etc.   The engine burns up on that high voltage.

You must use a converter which is technically a step-down-transformer.  

Not All Converters are Created Equal

Unfortunately, some converters break (fail) in weeks, days or even in some cases - hours!  That's no good!

You need a converter that is stable enough to last for years.   First of all, it's cost effective that way.  Second of all, who wants to run around buying converters all of the time.

Fortunately,  I have the answer when it comes to converters.

I've got a few that I've left plugged in for months at a time.  I have three of these and in a 5 year period NONE Of them have failed.

Here is the exact model I'm using.      

The Hydro Floss is something that Toothy Grins Store specializes in.   When you buy it here, you get helpful phone support.     How do you get the most out of your hydro floss?   How do you get the best results.   If you are a customer of Toothy Grins, you can call and ask.    1-888-586-6849.  

If you want to see the 'full scoop', just click here:

You can also find one one on Amazon,  but you won't get the phone support and the nice bonuses that you'll find at ToothyGrinsStore.

I hope you enjoyed this.  If you have any questions, just ask me! 

Also, you can get your free guide:  How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps


David Snape


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hydrofloss Accessories - Pimp Out Your Hydro Floss

There are a number of Hydro Floss Accessories and Parts.  

For example. accessories for your hydro floss may include various tips.

There are the regular jet tips.  It's suggested to change tips every 90 days.

There are the pocket pal jet tips.  They are designed for 5-6 mm pockets

There are the sulcus jet tips.  They are also designed for 5-6 mm pockets.

There are the cannula jet tips.   They are designed for 8-10 mm periodontal pockets.  You'll need an extender for these tips, so be sure that you get a package with the extender included.

If you plan to travel overseas with your hydro floss you might want a power converter that works on 220 voltage.

Some other accessories that are more like parts might include.

The hydrofloss reservoir, which includes the o-ring, lid and plastic insert.  The o-ring and plastic insert are very important for your hydrofloss to work correctly.

If you are mechanically inclined you might want to replace your hose and handle assembly yourself or maybe the pump.

These are some of the accessories and parts that are available for your Hydro Floss.

If you have questions, you may call 1-888-586-6849 for help.

While you are here, pick up your free copy of How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps.   It's essentially a guide to using your hydro floss to gain the maximum benefit.

Thanks for dropping in.  If you need a new Hydro Floss, we have a number of options available.


David Snape


PS:  Check out our Hydro Floss Plus Book Deal.  

HydroFloss On Amazon

Can you get a Hydross on Amazon?

Yes, you can, you can see your choices here  :  HydroFloss On Amazon

But, before you go there.   I think we have much more value to offer here, for the same price:

Check out our Hydro Floss Deal by clicking here. 

As you can see from that link, we have more to offer for the same dollar cost.

In addition, we tend to have happier customers as you can see from our reviews here. 

If you aren't sure what the Hydro Floss is, or what it can do to make your life better, feel free to give me a call at the number you see at the top of this screen:   888-586-6849.

The hydro floss is a powerful tool that can help to save you from expensive treatments and even tooth loss. 

How does it do that?  

Everything revolves around your periodontal pocket depths.   Generally speaking, most dentists will say your gums are health if your pocket depths are at 3mm or less.

Customer who use the hydro floss properly have reported that they were able to shrink larger pockets down to that 3mm or less range.    Isn't that spectacular?

It does depend on a number of factors.  Perhaps one of the most important is using it properly.  Customers at toothy grins store can obtain a phone consultation to help them learn more about using the hydro floss the right way.

Of course, results can't be absolutely guaranteed because each human body is different, has different circumstances and situations, etc.     But that's the beauty of it.  You'll know if it is working for you by simply asking your hygienist or dentist to check those depths and compare them to what you had on your last visit! 

That's how you get your own doctor to tell you if the Hydro Floss has worked for you or not. 

Easy and simple.  Then you will know if the Hydro Floss is working for you or not!

Get this simple, easy to understand guide while you are here:   How To Stop Gum Disease in 4 Easy Steps. 

Might as well check out the Hydro Floss oral irrigator while you are here. 

And yes, if you still want to get your Hydro Floss on Amazon,  just click here. 


David Snape

PS:  Check out Shen Yun, this is a great show for the whole family to see.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Does The HydroFloss Contain Latex?

Question:  Does The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator Contain Any Latex? 

Answer:    No.

Learn More About The HydroFloss Here

Where does this information come from?   Straight from the factory.   This information is accurate as of  July 31st,  2014 and is subject to change in the future.   Do your own research if you have a latex allergy.  

I say this as a word of caution.   It's unlikely that the factory would switch to latex as it is not as cost efficient to use.  But, you cannot leave out any possibility when it comes to allergies. 

Learn More About The HydroFloss Here   or Look on Amazon


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ViaJet Pro Versus The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

Here is what a customer who has had both had to say about them:

Customer:   Hi David,

You are hilarious, in a good way.  You have thought of everything.  It is so easy to clean this Hydro machine!  The ViaJet Pro was a nightmare to clean. Tall narrow tower, the top only comes off half way (flap lid - one part comes off, one part is permanent - really BAD design.  I removed the ring to clean, but could never get it back in place properly.  The question now is who wants my old ViaJet? :-)


ME:  Hi Sophie,  

If you don't mind, I'd like to quote what you said about Via Jet vs Hydro Floss on my blog? 

Customer:   Yes, you may. :)  If memory serves me well, I purchased the ViaJet a good 4 years ago.  The current lid design seems to be the same (looking at the photo), yet, I can't be certain of it.  Feel free to write Sophie with the review. 

Enjoy your day,



ME to You: 

That was most of our conversation regarding the ViaJet Pro and the HydroFloss 

I think the Hydro Floss is one of the best machines you could possible have.  

Stay healthy and well,


Friday, July 25, 2014

Saved from Additional Gum Surgery

I just spoke with a customer who has been using the Hydro Floss for 15 years.   I asked her about her gum health.  She said it's great and the family has been using the Hydro Floss.

Then she told me a story about her brother-in-law.   He told her husband that he had gum surgery on whole quadrant of his mouth.  The recovery was painful.  While I didn't ask about the cost, you can bet it was expensive. 

Her brother-in-law's dentist was poised to do the other three quadrants as well.  Her husband told the brother about the Hydro Floss. 

Outcome:  He started using it, his gums healed up and he didn't need surgery on the other three quadrants!  

Another GREAT Hydro Floss Story.   

Read more about it here or on Amazon

Stay healthy and well,


PS: check out the Hydro Floss Bundled Packages for a good deal.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

HydroFloss Motor or Base

If you need just the HydroFloss motor (the hydrofloss base) call me at 1-888-586-6849 to discuss. This would be brand new, not used.

Sometimes people just need a new reservoir.  

Sometimes people have a functional reservoir and they just want the base.

That's understandable.  

You can find a reservoir here.  

You can find a complete Hydro Floss here.  

If you just want a base, give us a call at the number noted above.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Get The Power Of HydroMagnetics

Get the Power of HydroMagnetics!  Not sure what that is?   Call 1-888-586-6849. 

This is the best tool for home use for your dental health.   You'll want to be using this when you understand WHY!   

Call 1-888-586-6849 if you still have questions AFTER reading




Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rubber Tip Floss

The pocket pal jet tips have a soft rubber tip.  

These are a relatively good choice to use with your 

There are some good flossers out there, but no other flosser beats the capabilities of a Hydro Floss to influence the health of your gums and teeth.  

It's one of the best tools you could possibly want for home use.