Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dental Health Should Be Available To All

Ongoing Problem and Debate About Access To Dental Care

I would venture to say that most dental health professionals are fully aware that there are areas and individuals that are 'underserved'.  These people do not honestly have access to quality dental care either because of the area they live in or due to lack of funds and insurance.

Let's face it, the cost of dental care is pretty high.  Not everyone can afford it.  Yet, the dentist and staff must be paid.  

I think no one will be shocked and I also think it is fair to say that dentists are well compensated for what they do.   There are many dentist who understand that there are areas where people need help but cannot afford.  Many doctors have been kind enough to dedicate their services for free to certain areas or people for a limited time. 

That's great for the patients and, I believe, for the doctors as well.  Reaching out to help those less fortunate is nearly always good for the soul.   The benefits, in my opinion, flow both ways.

Given the lopsided economics of dental care, I might even be so inclined to argue that many dental professionals have sort of an obligation to help those who can't afford it.   I think everyone would be quick to say that it 'isn't all about the money'.   So, I think it is really great when some doctors are able to step forward and help those who need it most. 

I remember reading a few stories last year about doctors who donated their clinics and their time for a weekend or so to help those who were really in need and could not afford to pay.  Those are heart warming stories and I have a feeling that the doctors will gain as a result.  It is a kind of karmic thing.

Another Barrier

Aside from the barrier of economics, there is another barrier.   I like to call it the barrier of ignorance.  There are some things that are just not in the mainstream awareness of the general population that should be.  

Therefore, I did write a book to help those who could benefit from knowing the basic facts about one of the biggest threats to dental health - gum disease. 

The name of this book is What You Should Know About Gum Disease - A Layman's Guide To Fighting Gum Disease

I know that the book has helped people as I have been told as much directly and indirectly (by third party sources).  If there were a way to get the book into more hands, I think it could help a lot more people. 

I have a way to do that.  I have a .pdf version of the book.  This .pdf can be read from people's computers - assuming they have one.    It can also be emailed to anyone.  If you are a doctor or dental professional that wants to get this information into the hands or your patient base, let me know and I will email a copy to you that you could then send to anyone you would like to.

That's my way of helping.   I hope many professionals will take me up on the offer. 

David Snape

PS:  Take my free guide:  How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps with you.  In fact, you can share that with others as well.

PPS: One of my favorite dental health tools for home use is this.

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