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Veneers - Should I Get Them?

Veneers - Should I Get Them?

It seems that I have received questions about veneers for teeth lately on my twitter account  So, I thought I would share my thoughts on them.

Disclaimer:  I am not a dentist nor do I have any training in this area, I am just using common sense and limited knowledge here.

First of all, veneers are costly.  There is not just the initial cost but you must also be prepared to pay for maintenance or to correct problems in the future.

But, if you have a good doctor whom you really trust and has lots of experience, then it can work out well.  

If you know of a doctor who has a lot of experience and does great work,  you can tell us about her in the comment section below.

Poorly Fitted Veneers

Ill fitting veneers can be problematic.   By the same token, improperly placed veneers can be a big problem as well.

If not made and placed correctly, the results can be less than expected.   You can search on the Internet there are stories of those who are very disappointed by the results. 

Bottom line is, unless you are a celebrity or have the bankroll, you should not even consider veneers.  The only other exception to that would be if your teeth are in such bad shape that there really is no other option.  But that is rather unlikely as there are a lot of thing that can be done to make teeth look nicer.  Ask your dentist. 

It's not like you can just take veneers off if you don't like them.    Your teeth will need restoral work afterwards except in very rare cases. 

So think well about whether you want to spend all that money and consider the future possible problems and costs as well.

The bottom line is, that for the average person, it just is not worth it. 

 If You Are Going to Do It Despite What I Wrote Above

It is super important for you to find someone who has a LOT of experience placing veneers.  You want a true expert to give you the best possible outcome.

Look for someone with a minimum of 10 years experience.   It takes about that long to master most things so it is a good 'rule of thumb'.

You will be paying a lot both now and in the future, so make sure you go to an absolute professional in this area.

The practitioner should absolutely make a model for you so that you can see what the likely results will be.   If they don't do that,  you should be scared and have a big question mark in your mind.

Again, you need someone who is totally experienced in this area.  The chances for problems are not small.  You can minimize your risk by seeing the right doctor.

Let's Talk About Prevention

I think I have made it clear that veneers are not an easy or cheap answer.   Taking care of your teeth for a lifetime of good service IS always the right answer.

The biggest threat in regards to loosing a tooth or multiple teeth is gum disease.  Ask any dental professional.  Most tooth loss is due to gum disease.    This is a problem that many people have and yet are completely oblivious too.

Dental professionals also tell us that about 75% of people have some gum disease.  Go to any periodontist office and look in the waiting room.  The treatment of gum disease must be a multi-billion dollar industry! 

Therefore, any discussion of preventing costly, painful and time consuming dental health treatments must include the topic of gum disease.   It is the number one cause of tooth loss.

I hope I have explained why it is important to understand what gum disease is and what you can do to mitigate its damage or even prevent it.

Therefore, I have written the book:  What You Should Know About Gum Disease.  And I believe that every family needs one copy, because of the 75% figure quoted above.  Ask any dental professional, they will tell you that the problem is widespread.

Another great prevention tool,  my favorite actually,  is this one.

I spoke in general terms here,  if you have specific questions about your unique dental health situation, be sure to direct those questions to your dentist or periodontist.  

Comments are open below.


PS:  It really is an important book for a variety of reasons.  get your copy today. 

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