Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Use A MBP To Manage and Update Toothy Grins Store

I have been using a Mac Book Pro since October of 2010 to manage my online store (Toothy Grins Store) and my entire business.

I have had two experiences utilizing the Apple Care Protection Plan,  you can read about one of them here.  ( and find a link to the other experience). 

Aside from those positive experiences.  I would say one of the other great benefits to switching to a Mac is the backup software called Time Machine. 

My previous PC laptop died during a backup process and when it died, somehow the back up  drive died as well.  The data was completely unrecoverable.  

That is just completely unacceptable for a business machine.   Therefore, I decided to switch to a Mac.   I keep two concurrent time machine backups on my MBP.  

Just thought I would share this experience for any other business owners out there.   Yes, a MAC is more expensive, but it sure seems to handle a bigger work load without the need for constant reboots.  

If you care about your business, you will probably care about the equipment you run it on. 

While you are here,  might as well take a look around the store.  

Share what you learn.


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