Monday, April 22, 2013

What About Those Mercury Amalgams?

This email came from a customer today (April 22, 2013):

"Our family is focusing on amalgams right now (mercury), although gum disease is effectively being addressed.  You might mention oil pulling and the use of a tooth pick around the gum as additional actions in addition to using your oral irrigator just fwiw."

My Answer (modified) :

Please keep in mind that every time you remove a filling to replace it with a new one, the hole is made bigger.  You can only do that so many times until you have to get a crown or worse.

Also, understand that most of the mercury is gone in 5 years.  So if it is longer than 5 years and you are thinking of replacing them, keep in mind the point above.

Fillings do not last forever.  Every time they need to 'replace' one, they have to make the hole even bigger.   You can only go so far with that.

The use of a tooth pick around the gumline is a great idea. you can get a tool called a perio-aid to help you with that.  Most periodontists give them away for free.

Ceramic Fillings

Ceramic  fillings are not without problems either.   I think a person should do their research.  It appears that these ceramic fillings, for one thing, change the natural electrical charge that the tooth has.

While that may or may not mean anything in reality,  no one is really shore what the effects of this charge could be in the long run.    (if any).

There may be other cons to ceramics as well.

I'm certainly not saying you should choose mercury either.    I'm just pointing out that one should probably research the pros and cons before getting all of your fillings redone.  

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