Friday, May 24, 2013

Beware of Internet Marketing Product Launches

Having bought many information products on the Internet, here is the pattern I see:  

Product launches are fueled by tons of hype.  The creators of them are going for the 'quick buck'.

Why not sit back and wait and see if this product is still around and being sold in 6 or 8 months?

If it is a useful product for people, then it will be right?  

So, one sign of a bum product is when they say - this product will be taken down on X day at X time.

Let's face it, if it were a product that really helped people, why would you ever "take it down". 

Perhaps what we can really conclude is: 

1. The product really isn't worth anything in the long run.

2. The product owner wants to use the psychological trigger 'fear of loss' to get a few more people to buy their product.  

Legitimate, useful products don't need a 'product launch'.  They will be there to help people years into the future.     Flash in the pan product launches are there to make a buck off a program that is going to be ignored in the future, even by the product owner. 

He doesn't have time to stand behind his products or provide updates for software.  That's because he is busy working on his next product launch. 

Endless product launches -  do you think they are a good sign or a bad one?

I guess in the end, those products cost big money and end up not holding that kind of value.  What do you think?   


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