Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Do Coffee Drinkers Have Brittle Bones?

I read an article at It was an interview of a doctor who, we assume, knows something about coffee and its effects on the body.

What I thought was interesting is that she claims it is false that coffee leaches calcium out of the bones.    Then, she went on to say that studies are suggesting that people who drink coffee tend to have more brittle bones.

Finally, she suggested that you should supplement with calcium if this is a concern for you.

The problem I see with this article is that I don't understand how she got from point A to point B.

Ok, so some studies suggest that people who drink coffee tend to have more brittle bones than those who don't.   And you should supplement with calcium.    So, my question is.  How do you discount the concept that coffee does NOT take calcium from bones?

She wants you to supplement with calcium.  Isn't that suggesting that somehow calcium is lacking in those bones?

To me, the article just didn't go in depth enough to explore these seeming contradictions.   I'm not saying anything negative about the doctor.  I'm just suggesting that there seems to be some missing pieces there.

Any thoughts?  Please share them in the comment section below.

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