Monday, May 6, 2013

Do You Know Of Anyone Who Won't Let Go of Stubborn / Erroneous Notions?

Do You Know Of Anyone Who Won't Let Go of Stubborn / Erroneous Notions? 

I was pondering some recent interactions with various people and it dawned on me that even when confronted with the truth - supported by undeniable evidence, people will often still hold onto their stubborn ways of thinking.   They can't accept the new information. 

Perhaps it is outside of their thinking paradigm?  Or maybe accepting it would upset their world? 

Furthermore, it seems to me that when someone does that, it is not possible for them to grow and learn any further - at least in that one area.  But what if their stubborn mindsets where like that in multiple areas? 

This is something that I have not heard others talking about.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Do you have any insight on this topic?  Do you have any stores to share?   (leave out real names - we don't want to upset anyone).

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PS. I think the book Zhuan Falun  can really shatter some false notions - it's worth reading. 

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