Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Want Whiter Teeth?

I hope to get teeth whitening pens added to Toothy Grins Store this week.  

If you can't wait, and must have them now, then go here.  

If you don't have teeth whitening pens now, let me explain the benefits to you:

Features  | Benefits

No bulky trays  - Benefit:  You are now able to control how much chemical agent touches your gum tissue.   One problem with the tray method is that an abundance of whitening chemical (mostly a peroxide of some type) ends up touching your gum tissue.     You can read about why this is bad in this related post on baking soda.   

[Note: you may need to read the above link carefully, so you don't miss the point, which is buried in the article.  ]

NO FUSS  - Benefit:  Saves you time and hassle.  With trays you have to either make them or store them or both.  They take up space and making the molds is not that much fun in the first place.  Then, you have to keep them clean. With the whitening pens,  they just stay in their little tubes (with a paint on brush).  They take up little space and you don't have to clean trays!    Bonus!

Cost Savings  -  It's true that you get smaller amounts of chemical in the whitening pen kits than you do in the tray kits.  However, you waste a lot more whitening chemical with the trays (that which gets mashed against your gum tissue).  With the pens, you just 'paint' the chemical on,  this allow you to use far less and to control where the chemical goes better.

As I mentioned:  Toothy Grins will be adding the pens to the store soon.   But, you can get some great whitening pens here while you are waiting!     

Tip: Use coupon a-per10 at the above link to score yourself free shipping and free toothpaste. 

Use coupon code a-per10 for these pens now. 



PS:  Get your free guide to stopping bad breath   or gum disease

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