Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What Are The Components of Healthy Living?

For me healthier living has to do with at least three key components

1. Physical improvement

2.  Nutrition - The Food We Eat

3. Mental  - mental well-being is so very important to overall well-being. In fact, without this component, I would say that it would be very hard to obtain overall wellness.

Of course, these are just my thoughts.  You can share your viewpoint in the comment section below.    I would like to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Physical improvement  

I think it is very important to have some kind of physical activity that you are doing on a consistent basis.  3- 4 times a week at least.     I personally like bike riding, walking and the quigong exercises of Falun Dafa. 


I think that you cannot be sufficient in the area of nutrition without some serious study and understanding.   Some things that are important are antioxidants,  essential fats and knowing what the essential amino acids are and what foods they exist in. 

That last point is critically important for the many vegetarians out there.   Knowing how to get a complete protein complement at each meal becomes very important.

Then you also need to understand vitamins and how they work.   What are the differences between water-soluble  and non water-soluble vitamins?  You should also know which type can be potentially dangerous and why.

Mental Well-Being

This is a very important and, in my opinion, vast subject.   To understand our own minds is necessary for overall well-being.    This is the kind of information that I believe is not so easy to find / understand.

The right meditation practice, could be very useful for this aspect.  Not all meditation is created equal in my opinion.   It is important to know the good from the bad and the different goals of different types of meditation. 

I wrote a post about my results with meditation and the Accugraph readings that my chiropractor once took.  I was delighted to get these results.  It was concrete proof and validation.  

What Are Your Thoughts On Healthy Living? 

Do you have some healthy tips to share?   What are your important components to healthy living?


David Snape

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