Thursday, May 9, 2013

What's Worse For Your Teeth? Tea or Coffee ?

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 What's Worse For Your Teeth? Tea or Coffee ?

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 What's Worse For Your Teeth? Tea or Coffee ?


My opinion is that coffee is far worse on your teeth than tea.   Coffee is very, very acidic.  It is probably more acidic than you would initially imagine.   In fact, it is nearly as acidic as soda.  And soda often contains phosphoric acid!   So that should tell you something.

Tea is not nearly as acidic.    Therefore, I would say that tea is better for your teeth than coffee. 

Acid is bad for teeth because it can directly breakdown the tooth enamel.   In addition,  the 'bad bacteria' in our mouths love acid.  It makes them multiply more rapidly.    In turn, the greater amounts of  'bad bacteria' create even more acid as a waste byproduct.

You can probably imagine the potential for a loop that is not healthy for your body at all.

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