Friday, July 19, 2013

Apple Not Honoring Apple Care Protection Plan.

Got a call from the Apple Store in Frankfurt.   The tech refused to honor the apple care protection plan.   They say that some indicators inside the machine indicate liquid damage.

(please find a link to an article stating that 3m has said that humidity and not actual liquid damage can trigger these strips to change color- near the bottom of the page)

I brought it in because several of the keys stopped working.

The technician that called me said that my apple care protection is now void.  There was still 82 days left on it at the time of this writing.

He told me that there is so much damage that it would 'be better if I just bought a new computer'. 

And if they complete this repair, which they will charge me 230 Euros for (about $300) they won't give it any warranty at all.  

I want to emphasize again that there is nothing wrong with the computer other than these three or four keys that just started not working.   Yet, this technician tells me that every part in the computer has to be replaced or they can not honor the warranty.   

Therefore, he was telling me that I should buy a new computer.  

This is a first.  I have never had Apple try to shirk its way out of honoring their responsibilities before.

Perhaps this is the beginning of a new direction for Apple? 

I just wanted to let people know my experience.  I bet I won't be the last person to experience this.

Before, I have spoken highly of Apple for honoring their warranty.  But now, I think things are changing.
This was my first bad experience with Apple.  I am sad to report it.  But other people should be aware

I have put a lot into this computer - about $3000 dollars and now the Apple Store in Frankfurt doesn't want to honor the warranty that I paid about $350 for.   Instead they want to charge me another $300 for a repair that should be covered under the protection plan.

In addition, they have had my computer for over 1 week. I asked, this was the 'first time' they looked at it.  Which means they wasted a week of my time just letting my computer sit there without being looked at.

I found this article from The Wired about them doing the same thing to other people and the real problem being the 'liquid detection strips" :

Apparently, these strips can be triggered by humidity.

My MBP computer was manufactured in mid-2010.  

In any case, I'm getting charged for something that I believe should be covered under Apple Care Protection.

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  1. That's why I never buy the extra protection. It's not worth the money you pay.

    1. I have to agree with you. There was nothing wrong with that computer except that some of keys stopped working. Yet, this guy is telling me there is so much damage that I need a new computer. It just doesn't add up. It doesn't make sense at all!

  2. Update: I went to the Apple Store, the technician made me pay the $300 and we escalated the issue. I showed him a print out about 3M stating that these strips can change color due to humidity and not liquid. I still had to pay. My apple care protection plan was not honored.

    The technician told me there was nothing else wrong with the computer. All his test confirmed that it is working properly. So, what about this 'replacing all the parts' talk from before? Not a word....

    Hopefully, this 'escalation' process will provide good results. Ask me If I haven't updated this in a few days.

  3. Here is the current update: After a month, this issue is still not resolved!