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What If I Have A Loose Tooth As An Adult?

about loose teeth or a lose toothAnswer:  Adult teeth should not be loose.  They can become loose due to trauma (a blow, hit or accident).  However, if that is not the case, there is a good chance you have Advanced gum disease.

In any case, if you have a loose adult tooth, please go to a periodontist immediately.  It may be possible to save that tooth.   Of course, that means you need to make sure that you find a periodontist who WANTS to save your teeth. 

In other words:  You want to avoid a periodontist who is quick to pull a tooth and place an implant.  Find one who wants to save your tooth.  They are highly trained and know HOW to save teeth.

Please be conservative about choosing the implant route.  Find out what your options are, even if it means visiting more than one doctor. 

Preventing Loose Teeth Due To Gum Disease

Please don't make the mistake of thinking you don't have gum disease.  There is a very high probability that you do!   Even if you don't have a loose tooth, it is still HIGHLY probable that you have gum disease.

How can I say that and be correct?   Ask any dental professional about how many people have gum disease.   Most will say about 75% of people.  That is 3 out of every 4.  

Do you really think you are one of the few who does not have gum disease?   The odds are against that!  

The problem is that most people don't know they have it.   Go to a periodontist if you don't believe me and ask them.  Your regular dentist isn't necessarily focused on gum disease.  Therefore, you could have some damaging your dental health for a very long time before it is noticed and treated!

It's in your best interest to visit a periodontist.  That is their focus and they will be good at telling you if you have some or not! 


A key indicator of gum disease is periodontal pocket depths.  `Your dentist or hygienist can measure these for you and tell you.  Generally speaking, above 3mm is considered bad.

What shrinks these pockets.  Better home care can really help.  In fact,  ask a dentist, home care is crucial to your dental well being.    They can only clean your teeth a few times per year.  But what you do at home is the most crucial part.   They know it too! 

Always be under the supervision of your periodontist and ask if it is ok if you try this:  

Try using this:   The HydroFloss   You can read about why it is the best at that link.  But, for now, trust me:  It is the best one out there! 

Use this machine twice a day (two tanks per use) for a month and then go back your periodontist or dentist or hygienist and have them measure your pockets.  That's how you will know if it worked for you or not.

Nothing works 100% of the time for 100% of the people. But this has worked for many other people, including myself. 

Give it a try and see if it will help you. 

If you have questions about what you have read here.  Give us a call at 1-888-586-6849.   Or contact us on skype. 

In either case, and no matter what you do or decide to do - Take massive action to save that tooth or those teeth.    Remember, always be under the care of your periodontist.  This is very important.  A loose tooth is serious.  Your first step is to work with a periodontist to try and save your loose tooth or teeth. 

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