Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dr. Bruce W Lee's Tootbrush Tip

dr lees toothbrush tipDr. Bruce W. Lee's toothbrush tip of the week can be found in our dental health community at this location:   https://plus.google.com/105640517182511484513/posts/bmGFUAMZCUy.

It's a good tip for proper tootbrush use.   Using a toothbrush properly can really benefit you.

Using one improperly can be a problem.   I'll add to this tootbrush tip with my own:

Don't brush too hard!

Brushing is about disrupting plaque, it is not about 'scrubbing' teeth clean.   The plaque is easy to disrupt.  What is important though is disrupting it frequently.

 That's why you can't skip daily brushing of your teeth.   The plaque forms very quickly and constantly and must be disrupted constantly as well.

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