Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Kiss

The kiss is only a preface.  But it is a charming preface. 

More charming than the realization itself. A preface which can always be read over again, through memory,  whereas one cannot always read over a book.

Yes, the meeting of lips is the most perfect, the most divine sensation given to human beings, the supreme limit of happiness: It is in the kiss alone that one sometimes seems to feel this union of souls after which we strive, the intermingling of hearts, as it were.

Never ruin the power of a kiss.  

Make your kisses memorable, the way they should be. 

Be sure to have this gum with you at all times!  

Heed the Warning, your quality of life may depend on it.  That first one is the clincher.  That's the one that can seal your fate for a lifetime!   Make your chance count!  

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