Friday, October 11, 2013

Why Am I Sensitive To Most Toothpaste?


This is actually not so unusual.  Every human body is different.  It's chemical makeup and reactions are different from the bodies of others.   

There are many people who have allergic or sensitivity reactions to all kinds of toothpaste. 

Sometimes, it pays to check out all of the alternatives available. 

Here is an unusual and unique approach that at least one dentist supports whole heartedly.  

I am not a dentist and don't give dental advice.  Do your own research.   

Here is something else to consider:   There is a mouthwash out there that has a lot of alcohol in it.  This brand is very popular.  Yet, it isn't the alcohol in it that makes it work. 

What is it then? 

It's essential oils.  It has essential oils of menthol and eucolyptus in it.  

But, are there better essential oils to use?   Some say that there are. 

Moreover, is all that alcohol really necessary?   We know that alcohol drys out the mucous membranes of the mouth.   A dry mouth can lead to rapid bacteria reproduction.   That can't be good, right?  

Sound off in the comments below - if you have anything to add or say.  

why are you sensitive to toothpaste?



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