Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hydrofloss Magnetic Water Irrigator

Looking For The Hydro Floss Magnetic Water Irrigator?  

hydro floss magnetic water irrigatorYou are definitely not alone.  Many people recognize the value of this fantastic irrigator and the number of people who know is growing each year.

You can find it here.     Read carefully, because you have some nice options there.

What Is The HydroFloss Magnetic Water Irrigator?  

It is a very powerful and very useful device for your dental home care.   Of course, you should always go for your regular checkups and cleanings.   There is no substitute for that.

However, many dentists and hygienists are now recommending the Hydro Floss.   Why is that?  Because many of them have either seen the results it brings patients themselves OR they have read about the greater benefits in a professional journal.

In fact, there are dental professionals who use it for themselves. 


I've personally experience the results and cost savings this machine can bring.  It saved me from a costly Scaling and Root Planing Treatment (Deep Cleaning).

The average cost for the whole mouth on one of those deep cleanings is usually aroung $1500 or so.

An additional problem is that they often have to be done in 1 to 3 years  (sometimes sooner!).

Some of the professional literature makes note that these deep cleanings may actually contribute to gum recession.

So, I was keen to avoid one when my dentist told me I needed one.

Bottom Line,  it worked.   I was told by my dentist, "Whatever you are doing, keep it up.  You don't need that treatment anymore".    To this day, I haven't needed one.

The secret is the magnetic properties of the Hydro Floss.

Get started using your new HydroFloss today!  

Here's a little video walk through of what you should know and take note of:


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