Wednesday, September 3, 2014

HydroFloss Tips - Several Different Types

There are several HydroFloss Tips:

These are the Regular HydroFloss Jet Tips

They are the same that come with every HydroFloss unit.  If you are looking to replace the original tips. These are what you are looking for.  

These are the Pocket Pal Jet Tips

They feature a soft a soft rubber tips and are designed for 5-6mm periodontal pockets.   

The soft tip is great if you accidentally bump into your gums.  Many people use these tips.      Read More Here 

There Are The Sulcus Jet Tips

They are also designed for 5 to 6 mm periodontal pockets.   They come with special directions as due the pocket pals above.  

  These are the Hydro Floss Cannula Jet Tips

They come with an extender and are designed for use on 8 to 10 mm periodontal pockets.  They come with special directions which you should read carefuly. 

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