Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cheap HydroFloss Parts

When considering all of the benefits that come from proper use of the Hydro Floss, even buying a brand new one every year is cheap in comparison to the expensive dental health bills that come from having unhealthy gums.

If you were to buy 1 Hydro Floss per year at the cost of $98,  your monthly expense would be:

$98 /  12  =  $8.17 per month!     Get a new Hydro Floss

Costs of Parts

Now, let's say that you have already had your Hydro Floss for 2 years.   Then your hose springs a
leak.   What if you could pick up that part for only $29?   You can here.

Then, your Hydro Floss lasts another two years?

Wow that would be  $29  /  24 months =    $1.20 per month. 

So, you see,  the costs of HydroFloss parts is cheap. 

Convenience Either Way

When you look at the math above, it is cheap to own a Hydro Floss in either case.   What it does for your dental health could be just simply amazing!

I know the Hydro Floss saved me from a SRP (Scaling and Root Planing Treatment)  - average cost?   $1500  in the US.  OUCH!    That's like more than 15 years of Hydro Floss ownership - assuming that you had to buy a new one every year (which wouldn't be necessary).


Based on the info above, I think it is simply obvious: You cannot go wrong with either choice.

1.   New Hydro Floss  

2.   HydroFloss Parts   

Need more info?   Call for assistance :   1-888-586-6849


David Snape
(not Professor Snape) 

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