Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beauties of The Red Mansion Collectible Plate Series Has Been Sold

You can read about the Beauties of The Red Mansion Collectible Plate Series here. 

But, it is no longer available.

Instead you can try to find the plates here, but I can't vouch that the quality or condition will be as good as ours were.

To give you a little background on these plates.  I started collecting this series back in the '80s.  I had collected a few and went off to boot camp.

After that time, my mother continued collecting the series for me.   We had a complete set of all 12 plates.

They were originally painted by a Master Chinese Artisan.  Together they form a series that tells the story of a classic Chinese novel: A Dream of Red Mansions.   It's very well known in China.

These plates are actually and ironically difficult to get in China.  They are considered a luxury for the wealthy there.

So, if you collect them, perhaps you will find someone in China, again ironically, that will see the value of them.

Again, we are sold out.   However  you can try to find the plates here.  

Even if you don't plan on reselling them, they look great on display in your home.

Good luck!

Best wishes and please check out what else we have.

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