Sunday, May 24, 2015

HydroFloss Plus Book On Gum Disease

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The Book 

The book will help you to understand what this problem is.  It will also help you to understand that you have more power than you think.   Gum disease afflicts about 75% of people, therefore it is very important that you know what to do about it.  

The book teaches basic principles.  I'm not talking about brushing and flossing either.  If those were enough,  we wouldn't have so many people afflicted with gum disease.   So, you need more information.   I'm talking about concepts like disrupting plaque,  pH balance, oxygenation,  and what works versus what isn't enough.  

Products, the books point out which products are supported by the concepts mentioned above.  There are  a ton of products on the market.  They call claim that they do something against gum disease and gingivitis.  Yet, you find on your next office visit that there has been no improvement in your condition.   Those office visits are very important, your dentist will tell you if you are making improvement or not.  I believe you have a much better chance with the products I teach about in my book.  

The HydroFloss

This is my top recommendation.   It has worked for a lot of people.  When I say worked, I mean that it has helped a lot of people achieve better periodontal health and maintain it.   This is the best and fastest tool that I know of, provided that you use it correctly. 

The reason other oral irrigators won't do as well as this machine is due to a patented magnetic technology.   Basically, a charge is placed on minerals that are in the water and that charge causes plaque and bacteria to become less adhesive.  The machine gets more off and you have less buildup of plaque and tarter between office visits.  This makes it easier for your body to fight these things. Many people have found a reduction in their periodontal pocket depths.  Those are key, objective indicators of your periodontal health.  Smaller pockets are better. 

Why not get these two items together for the same price you would pay for a hydrofloss alone?  

You can benefit from the information and a personal consultation with the author.   All that for the same price?   Hey, why not.  It's not about me making more money than I need.  It's more about me helping you solve a problem that you have only been offered expensive solutions to so far.  

A little knowledge can be very powerful.   Take better control of this area of your life. 

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