Tuesday, May 26, 2015

HydroFloss Power Converter for Overseas Travel

I want to share with you the power converter that I personally use for my HydroFloss.

You can see it here:   http://www.toothygrinsstore.com/Simran-SMF-200-Power-Converter-p/simranconverter01.htm

It looks like this:

I had tried another power converter and it fried up pretty quickly.  These, however, are very powerful and well made. 

They last for a long time and are like a workhorse.  They just keep going. 

*note:  whatever country you visit that has 220 voltage, this will help.  However, you may also need an adaptor from a local hardware store to the country you visit.   I personally use mine in Germany and no adaptor is needed.  However, some European outlets are slightly different and require an adaptor.  ** Never plug a one 110 device into 220 current with ONLY and adaptor - that will be a disaster.  You need a power converter (step down transformer) to run your 110 devices on a 220 system. 


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