Thursday, June 18, 2015

Can You Have Healthy Gums Naturally?

Healthy Gums Are Essential To Keeping Your Teeth For A Lifetime Of Good Use!

Unfortunately, gum disease is known to affect about 75% of people according to most dental health professionals.   Equally unfortunate, or perhaps even more unfortunate, is that gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss. 

I would even argue that losing teeth is NOT a natural part of the aging process, unless you have gum disease or an accident.   If you keep your gums healthy, it should be possible to keep your teeth as well.  

Can you imagine the amount of money you would save on expensive dental treatments and teeth replacements, like implants, if you were able to keep your gums healthy your whole life?  Wouldn't that be worth striving for?  

I remember one older man told me at a dinner party, "Of course my gums are receding, I'm getting old".    I thought to myself, I really don't think 'getting old' is the problem.   It's matter of taking care of your gums.  Receding gums can accompany gum disease, and brushing too hard can also contribute to receding gums.  

The problem is that gum disease causes destruction to the bone and tissue that support a tooth.  That's why they talk about 'bone loss'.   Once the bone height is diminished, there is nothing supporting the gum.  Or rather, the gum recedes to the next point of support.   As the destruction continues the recession may also continue.  

So, I don't think the problem is actually aging, except that gum disease may increase over time along with aging.  This gives one the impression that 'age' is causing the recession.   I just don't think that is the case.  There is just this relationship between the length of time you have unchecked gum disease and recession which appears to correlate to age.  

Often gum disease is a long, drawn out process, taking years to manifest damage.  Although, that is not always the case, depending on the situation, it can happen faster.  But, in many cases it is a slow and insidious problem. 

Secret to Gum Disease Control

Naturally, there isn't one secret.  But how you monitor your progress or lack thereof seems to be the key point.  While the way to accomplish that monitoring in an objective manner is not a secret, it might as well be.  This is because the vast majority of people don't know 'the secret' - which really is not a secret.  

The 'secret' is simply knowing your numbers.   Generally speaking, most dental health practitioners will say your gums are health when you keep your periodontal pocket depths down to 3mm or less.  The corollary to that, again, generally speaking, is that anything above 3mm is usually considered unhealthy or: Gum Disease! 

So, you want to keep your periodontal pockets down to 3mm or less.    

How do you do this naturally?  

There are a variety of methods that can be employed both natural and "unnatural".  However, they will work to varying degrees on various people.  There is no one size fits all answer.  

The next best thing is to ask:  What works the best and the quickest for the most people?

This is coming from a fellow, me, who has written a book on gum disease.  I personally think that using this particular device correctly, will give the most people, the best results and pretty quickly too!   There may be no perfect solution, but I think your best chance will come from using it.  

Since it does not involve the use of prescription medications, mouthwashes or harsh treatments, I classify it as natural.  

So, it is the best answer I have to the question:  Can you have healthy gums naturally?

A Very Important Key Point In All Of This 

The key is to use this machine properly.   Disclosure, I sell this machine.  What I do for my customers, when they ask me to, is tell them how to use this thing the right way.  There is a specific way that gets the best results for the most people.  That's what I share with my customers. 

So, if you have purchased your HydroFloss at  or after you do, call me and ask me about this and I will share it with you.  At the same time, I can answer the other questions you may have as well.  You can call me at 888-586-6849, ask for David.  

I'm not a doctor or dentist and I can't give you any medical advice.  What I can do is share what I mentioned above and tell you about the experiences that I have had as well as many others.   In addition, I may be able to give you additional background information that will help you both to understand this problem and to fight this problem.   

And your results or lack thereof can be easily measured by your doctor or hygienist.  So, in that way, you will always be working under the care of your own dentist or doctor!  

You can read more about this machine here.   Once you make your purchase through, give me a call and I'll answer your questions and give you the information I mentioned above.   

And of course, you'll utilize your dentist or hygienist to monitor your periodontal pockets.  Even though this works for a lot of people, when done correctly,  it's impossible that it will work for everyone.  So your doctor should be monitoring your situation to discover if you really do need stronger intervention.   

This keeps everyone safe and allows you the necessary chance to do this naturally and save a lot of money, pain, and more.  


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