Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dr Katz Aktivoxigen Ozonator

The Powerful  Dr. Katz AktivOxigen Ozonator 

This ozonator is great for in home use and ozonating water and oils.  It is not designed to ozonate the air.   

There are many uses for ozonated water.  I have had people purchase these for a variety of purposes.

Most of them have to do with health care.  

I don't like to talk about that too much because it involves health issues.  It's best if you already know
what you want to do with ozone and I assume you have some pretty good ideas based on the fact that you are reading this. 

Since you already know what you want ozone for, there is not point in writing more on the topic. 

If you are not sure what health related purposes ozonated water and oil can be used for, please check with your physician.   That's also true if you are not clear if your purpose would be applicable or not. 

What I can tell you is that we sell the Dr. Katz Aktivoxigen Ozonator here on this site: 

If you would like to order via telephone, just call 888-586-6849

The ozonator also comes with a great little instruction booklet that does talk about some of the things you can use ozonator water and oils for.  There are a lot of great ideas in there.  It's very helpful and informative.  


PS: you can also get this ozonator on Amazon

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