Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Therabreath Periotherapy Oral Rinse Coupons

Periotherapy Mouthwash Coupons

We have Periotherapy 16.9 oz bottles of the oral rinse, in 4pack size or a money saving 20pack size and we also have the single bottles.  


You can find coupons that you can use to check out on these items here.  

And here is a video I made on how to use the coupons,  the video is for something other than dr katz periotherapy oral rinse, but the coupons work exactly the same way.  

You can watch the video here.  

Buying Periotherapy Oral Rinse Bottles From Therabreath

If you prefer to order direct from therabreath, here are some coupon codes you can use on their site.  

Why is periotherapy a great oral rinse to use?  

You probably already know that it's great or you wouldn't be here looking for coupons.  But for those who may not be sure, this mouthwash is good for dental health and gum health.  

It contains zinc and it is oxygenated and pH balanced.  Higher pH and oxygen are two things the 'bad' bacteria hate.  Also, this brand is very concentrated.  

If you have questions, you can give me a call at the number you should see at the top of the screen. 



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