Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Are Blueberries Good For Eyesight? - What About Your Teeth?

Blueberries and your Vision

It appears that blueberries carry a high level of antioxidants.

If they are able to neutralize free radicals, they could, theoretically, be good for your vision.

Macular degeneration seems to have a relationship to free radical activity.

Blueberries are generally considered to be one of the fruits with the highest levels of antioxidants. In north America, commercially available wild blueberries have even higher concentrations than their farm raised cousins.

You may also be able to improve visual acuity through eye exercises.  Maybe combining the daily consumption of blueberries with eye exercises will have a powerful impact on both acuity and the prevention of eye related diseases?

Good For Your Heart? 

Information posted on Harvard's website about a study involving blueberries and strawberries seems to suggest that these are both good for your heart.  You can read the study here.  

Blueberries and Your Teeth

While blueberries may have a positive impact on the health of your eyes and vision, you should be aware that they are also believed to be one of the foods that will stain your teeth the most.  

So be sure to clean your teeth thoroughly after eating blueberries.  I would suggest rinsing your mouth first with an irrigator.  The reason why is that if you brush first, you may break up the blueberry "skin" left in your mouth, this may release more of the staining material. 

Use a good irrigator first and wash away those larger particles so that you don't disrupt them and brush them 'into' your teeth.  Then, after all particles are cleared, proceed with brushing.  

It's just something to think about.   It appears that blueberries may be very helpful to the body overall, just be aware that they may also stain your teeth.  Take appropriate action when eating blueberries to help mitigate the impact to your teeth. 

They Taste Good

Just this morning I ate some blueberries in a bowl of milk with some salt!  I know you are probably thinking, "Salt, Why Salt".    Trust me, it tastes good.  Try it and you might like it too.   I actually learned this trick when I read something about eating melons.   Whoever I was reading suggested that putting salt on melons was a good idea.   

Well, I liked it when I tried it.  I like using salt with blueberries and milk too.  Don't knock it until you try it!  

Whatever you do, remember to clean your teeth after eating blueberries.  As I mentioned before, it is known to be among the foods that stain your teeth the most.   Again, I suggest using an irrigator to rinse the mouth with water before brushing.  You can use the one I mentioned above.  

Enjoy your blueberries!  

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