Friday, September 18, 2015

Where Can I Buy A HydroFloss?

Buying A HydroFloss

Of course, my top recommendation is going to be to buy the HydroFloss from this site: 

Only a limited number of people are authorized to sell the HydroFloss online.  
ToothyGrins is one of those authorized.  That means you can feel confident because your warranty (if ever needed) will be honored.  

In addition, you will see at the above page that you will get special bonuses from this site that you will not get from any other source.  

So, I believe and I hope you do too, that Toothy Grins is the best place to buy your HydroFloss. 

Other Places To Buy A HydroFloss

1. Sometimes, you can find a local dentist who sells them.  

2. you can also find them on Amazon. 

So, you really do have multiple options for purchasing a HydroFloss. 

If you are interesting in reading reviews about the HydroFloss, check them here.  

An Important Tool

I do think that this is an important tool for your home dental health care.   Of course, you will always go to get your regular checkups and cleaning from your dentist. 

However, maybe the hydrofloss will help you to have better dental checkups do to its superior ability to reduce plaque and tartar buildup between your regular office visits. 

This has been documented in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.  May 1993 and April 1998. 

Scaling and Root Planing  or Deep Cleaning

I was able to avoid a this treatment, as verified by my dentist.   She was originally recommending this treatment to me for about a year.  I was trying different things out to try and solve the problem. 

Nothing worked - UNTIL I tried the HydroFloss.   It worked and she told me that I no longer needed this expensive and potentially painful treatment. 

So, the HydroFloss saved me from pain and expense.   It's paid for itself many times over.   Lot's of people have 'discovered' this 'secret'  to home dental health care between your regular office visits!  

-David for ToothyGrins  

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