Friday, October 30, 2015

Can I Buy A HydroFloss At The Local Drug Store?

No.  Generally not. (Current as of this writing)  There was a minor exception a few years ago up in the Washington State area, but I believe that time has passed.

You can get a hydrofloss here at

This is the most powerful tool you can have in your arsenal for home dental care in my opinion.  Currently, I'm not aware of any other tool that can do what this one does.

It's great for the whole family.  Better prevention could lead to less dental expenses.   In fact, this machine directly saved me from having an expensive 'deep cleaning' treatment done.

The same dentist who told me that nothing else would help me except for her deep cleaning treatment, later told me that whatever I was doing, I should keep it up.  It was the hydrofloss that won the fight for me.

But, that's only part of it.  You see those deep cleaning treatments are usually for people with gingivitis and gum disease.  Gum disease, of which gingivitis is basically the same problem, is responsible for more lost teeth in the world than anything else.

So, not solving the problem of gum disease and lead to lost and loose teeth.   Clearly, my gums became healthy again or my dentist would have continued to insist I get that treatment.

Now, let's supposed someone loses a tooth to gum disease.  By the way, dental professionals generally agree, 3 out of every 4 people have some gum disease, right now!  That's a lof ot people! When gum disease does its work, a tooth can become loose and even fall out.  Many dentists will recommend pulling a loose tooth and installing an implant.   They usually run around $2000 or more in the United States.   Ka Ching for the dentist.   Ka Boom for the rest of us.

If you can keep your gums healthy, starting now, how many teeth might you be able to save in the future?  And how much expense might that add up to?

Of course, you ALWAYS want to be under the care of a dental professional, no matter what you read on the Internet.

But, you can ask them to check your periodontal pockets.   When they are 3mm or less, generally speaking, dental professionals will say that your gums are healthy.  If not, you can try using the HydroFloss for a month or two and go back and see how the pockets are.  If you have improvement, those numbers will tell you.

Again, you should always be under the care and guidance of your dentist.   Many dentists do recommend the HydroFloss to their patients - and for good reasons.  They know what kind of results are possible if you use this machine properly.

What is properly?   I help customers of toothygrinsstore find out how to use their hydrofloss to the greatest benefit.  This is reserved for customers of the only.   You can call and ask for David,  I'll talk to you and share what I know provided your bought your HydroFloss here.

But I digress, Your question was about buying these in drug stores.   Currently, they are not available in drug stores or walmart as far as I know.

You can get or read more about the HydroFloss by clicking here.    

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