Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hydro Floss 2016 Model - Available Now

There are no planned changes to the Hydro Floss oral irrigator for 2016.    That means that we have the latest model now and it will be the same in 2016.  

You can get the latest HydroFloss Mode here.  

Even if it says 2015 on that page, you now know that you there will be no changes, so you are getting the latest model. 

If you are familiar with the these wonderful devices then you probably understand the significant impact they can have on your home dental care.  

If you are looking for the latest model that will be the same in 2016, just use the link above.  I've had customers who buy them as gifts for their family members.   

My Experience

I became interested in the Hydro Floss when I had some mild to moderate gum disease that the dentist told me about.  She and the hygienist were increasingly insistent that I get a 'deep cleaning' or scaling and root planing treatment performed.   

These treatments are fairly expensive.  They average around $1500 or so.  In addition, there appears to be some evidence that this type of treatment needs to be repeated in about 1 to 3 years.  Some suggest that the treatment may have a negative impact on the gums in regards to recession. 

I was interested in avoiding this treatment, however, I still had to address the problem.   

Every time I went in to get my teeth cleaned, they would push me towards that treatment.  

In between visits, I tried everything I could think of to reduce the pockets and make my gums healthy again.  I tried essential oils.  I tried oil pulling.  I tried many different mouthwashes.  

On each subsequent visit, the dentist and hygienist would continue to push me towards the 'deep cleaning'.  

I continued to resist. 

Then I found the HydroFloss.  After using it for several months I went back and both the dentist and hygienist were shocked.   

The dentist stared in my mouth for an unusual amount of time and said to me: " Whatever you are doing, keep it up.  You don't need that treatment."     

I was relieved and excited that it worked!  

As an interesting side note, my dentist never asked me what I was doing.   You would think that she would want to know and tell her other patients.  However that never happened.  

At the time, I didn't think about that aspect.  But later, it started to bother me.   I went on to write a book about gum disease. The title is  "What You Should Know About Gum Disease".    I also wrote a shorter guide called:  How To Stop Gum Disease in 4 Easy steps. 

Will The HydroFloss Help You?  

It could help you.  There are no guarantees of course.  Even doctors know there is hardly anything that works 100% of the time for 100% of the people.   

But, I can tell you that I'm not alone in achieving the results described above.  I've talked to a lot of customers and many of them have had great results in making their gums healthy again and then in keeping them that way.  

 However,  there are some things you can do to make your chances of success higher.  There is definitely a 'secret' involved in getting that best results.  

When customers purchase their hydrofloss at ToothyGrinsStore, they are entitled to a personal conversation with me.  I'll explain how to get the best results and also how to measure your progress in a real objective way that takes the guess work  out of it.  

This conversation is reserved for our customers.  So, if you purchase from Toothy Grins, I'll be happy to speak with you about it.   The conversation can be relatively short.   However, when customers have questions, I've been known to spend well over an hour with them.  

This helps them develop a background understanding that in turn allows them to achieve greater benefits from this machine than they might otherwise have been able to obtain.  

You see, I'm not just here to sell a hydrofloss.  I'm also here to educate.  I want people to get results and that is why I'm willing to spend my personal time to talk to my customers.    

Because my time is limited, I only offer this benefit to my customers when they purchase a HydroFloss from ToothyGrinsStore.com 

For those folks who do so, I can be reached at 888-586-6849.   Of course, this is optional for customers.  It's certainly not required.  But I think it is very important to have some understandings to help get the most out of this machine.  

So, we have the latest model and that will normally be the case.  

David for ToothyGrinsStore.com  

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