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How To Stop Bleeding Gums

How To Stop Bleeding Gums

When it gums to bleeding gums, you should always be under the care of a good periodontist ( a dentist with special training in gum care).  Periodontist have an additional 2 years of training beyond regular dental school - all focused on gum health and disease.

Bleeding gums are traditionally a sign of gum disease.   However, there are other possibilities and that's one more reason you want a periodontists to check out the situation.

How To Stop Gum Disease is a 20 or so page guide I wrote for people interested in this topic.   You can get a no cost copy here:

The problem is that most people have gum disease.  It's estimated to be about 3 out of every 4 people or 75%.   Dentists see so much of it that they often say nothing until it is time for an expensive treatment.  If you are like me, you would rather not wait until that time comes.

Bleeding gums may or may not be present when you have gum disease.

Prevention Pays

Prevention pays the patient in the form of savings.  You save time, money and pain.  Those are three very important factors!  If you are not motivated by saving money, you most likely would prefer to save time and avoid pain.

Gum surgeries and deep cleaning treatments can be both painful and expensive.  Unfortunately, they often need to be repeated.

However, if you can prevent these things you can save an awful lot of money!

If you want to know more about stopping bleeding gums due to gum disease,  check out the above publication.

And please remember, this page is the opinion of the author only.  You should always be under the care of a physician or periodontist for any dental health related matters.

One of the most beneficial tools I know of is this one, right here.   Click to see it.  

I hope all of that made sense.  If not, please do leave your questions below in the comment section.

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