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Which Oral Irrigator Best Promotes Healthy Gums?

Which Oral Irrigator Best Promotes Healthy Gums?

You care, either suddenly or long term, about the health of your gums.   In the former case, you may have received the unfortunate news that you have gum disease, gingivitis or need a SRP - Scaling and Root Planing Treatment.They also like to call it a 'deep cleaning'.

However, perhaps you don't like the sound of what they want to do nor what they want to charge you.  For a full mouth SRP, it might cost around $1500. (Ouch)  

You can shop around, but the costs will sometimes be even higher than that.   Also, they don't tell you that this type of treatment may need to be repeated sometime in the next 3 years - sometimes in as little as one year.   

In the later case, you learned a long time ago that your gums are important and you are just interested in the best and most effective way to keep them healthy.  

In Either Case:  

In my opinion this is a relatively easy question to answer.  So, I will tell you which irrigator I think is the  best and then spend more time trying to help you understand WHY it is the best. 

To my thinking, this is the best oral irrigator for promoting (gaining and  / or maintaining) healthy gums:   HydroFloss

The Scientific Case

This particular irrigator was shown to be about 50% more effective at reducing plaque and tartar buildup between regular office visits than one with the magnetic tech removed.  

The benefit to you is that it can help your gums by effectively giving them less work to do to stay healthy.  

The roughly 50% better reduction was documented in not one but two peer reviewed studies.  The second researcher had a difficult time believing the results from the first researcher.   I imagine she thought something like this:  "That's ridiculous, how could a magnet make any kind of difference whatsoever, we are in the 20th century after all" .  (this was in the 90's)   

This second researcher obtained similar results as the first one.  I guess she became a 'believer' after that!   

Both articles were peer reviewed and published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology - for those who want to look it up themselves.  The studies appeared in the May of 1993 and April of 1998 Journal editions, respectfully.  

So, you have actual documented and peer reviewed results to back up my ascertation that the HydroFloss is the best.  

Personal Experience

I was given the treatment offer of a 'SRP' (Scaling and Root Planing) by a dentist back in 2004 or 2005.   I was not wanting it done.   

I tried many things like oil pulling, essential oils, and special mouthwashes - but none of that worked. Every time I went back the dentist insisted that I needed that treatment.  

Things changed when I tried the HydroFloss.  I used it a lot, more than I had to.   I found out later what the optimal use is.  It's something that I share with my customers, those who purchase their HydroFloss from 

After using the HydroFloss excessively, I went back to my dentist several months after the last bit of bad news.   This time was different.  She was visible surprised, perhaps even shocked - judging by the look on her face and that on the face of the hygienist as well.  

After a rather long look into my mouth, she proclaimed: "Whatever you are doing, keep it up.  You don't need that treatment now".   

I was delighted. 

The Experience of Others

I've since talked to many customers who have had similar experiences with the HydroFloss oral irrigator.   These are people who were worried that they were in danger of losing their teeth or spending thousands of dollars on costly treatments. 

I hope this helps explain why I believe the HydroFloss is the best oral irrigator around.    Hopefully, you agree with me at this point. 

In any case, you always want to be under the care of a dental professional when dealing with any kind of dental health issue.  You can bring the HydroFloss to their attention and let them check the results for you.   This would be done through the measurement of periodontal pocket depths before and after 30 days of daily (the proper way) use. 

-David for 

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