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Sunday, October 9, 2016

ZOX Coupon - Several To Choose From - Works on Therabreath Website

Are you searching for a Coupon for Therabreath ZOX?

Here are several you may use - depending on how much Zox you wish to purchase. 

**These coupons will work on the Therabreath website, not this website

a-per10 -  If you want to buy a single box of ZOX, you will want free shipping.  If you use a-per10 you'll get free shipping plus a free tube of toothpaste.  

a-fg10 -  If you are buying over $100 worth of ZOX, then you'll want to use coupon a-fg10.   This will give 10% off the total order value plus free mouthwash and toothpaste.  You'll also get free shipping, of course.  

b-fg5 -  If you are buying somewhere between $60 and $100 worth of ZOX, then you can use coupon b-fg5 which gives you 5 dollars off plus free shipping.  

ZOX fresh breath mints now come in a box with 72 individually wrapped pieces. 

Just grab a few for your pocket or purse and our original herbal mint flavor will neutralize bad breath instantly! 

ZOX mints contain zinc, oxygen and xylitol - the same formula used in our other best-selling TheraBreath products.

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