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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Therabreath Complete Starter Kit

When you think about destroying bad breath, morning breath or any other pesky name you choose, therabreath is a powerful choice.

The reason it is a good choice is that many of the therabreath products employ oxygen and pH balance.    These are both aspects that actually do something about the "bacterial population" in a more targeted way.

Usually, it is the bad or "anaerobic" bacteria that cause dental health problems, including bad breath.  They naturally shun oxygen.   This happens under the biofilm layer called plaque but it also can happen in the folds of the tongue and even tonsils.

Once these bacteria are in an oxygen free environment, they produce waste products that come for oxygenless metabolism.    These waste products often contain VSCs or volatile sulfur compounds which are largely responsible for what we perceive as 'bad breath'.  

Delivering oxygen to these bacteria is key to disrupting that form of metabolism.  It could have two effects.  One is that it may force them back to using oxygen in their metabolism.  In this case, you won't get as much or any of the stinky waste products.

The other possibility is that some bacteria simply cannot exist in an oxygen environment.  Hence, they will cease to live.  

The best part of this process compared to other oral health products that indiscriminately kill both
'good' and 'bad' bacteria is that the "good" or oxygen using bacteria don't get killed.  This is important to help increase the kind of bacteria that will naturally make it harder for the 'bad' bacteria to get a foot hold.

If you use other methods of killing bacteria such as essential oils or other methods, you risk killing the healthy bacteria.  This might result in making it easier for the bad bacteria to get a food hold and develop colonies.

Ph balance was something else I mentioned above.   'Bad bacteria' prefer a more acidic environment. It makes the reproduce more rapidly.   Raising the mouth's pH can help to retard this effect.

So, this is why the therabreath products are special.   You can get the complete starter kit here.  

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