Monday, August 28, 2017

Why Is Oxygen Good For Dental Health?

A lot of problems that we face in our mouth is directly the result of anaerobic or oxygen hating bacteria.

The anaerobic metabolism is designed to work in low oxygen environments.  But the byproducts of such metabolism are acidic waste products.

Acid damages our tooth enamel.  But it does worse than that.  When the environment becomes more acidic, it allows these 'bad' bacteria to multiply more rapidly.

They secrete more acids, thus causing more damage to our teeth and gums and surrounding tissue. And of course, more acid means more growth for anaerobic bacterial populations. The vicious cycle intensifies all by itself.

You can see this is not a good thing to have going on in your mouth.

Most of the bacteria causing bad breath are anaerobic in nature as well!

Oxygen is something that the anaerobic bacteria don't like.  They are designed to survive in a low oxygen environment.

Give them too much oxygen and they can no longer survive like that.   Some bacteria, those that have the capability for both types of metabolism will revert to the oxygen present way.  That's a win.

You can see why it might be beneficial to use oxygenated products in our mouths.   You can also add oxygen to your HydroFloss with Aktiv Oxigen drops.

AktivOxigen Drops:

Oxygenated mouthwash:

Oxygenated toothpaste:

The HydroFloss :

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