Sunday, August 11, 2019

HydroPulse Allergy and Chronic Sinus Relief

The HydroPulse has helped people get past chronic sinus and allergy issues.  

The Hydro Pulse sinus / nasal irrigator has helped a lot of people find relief from allergy and chronic sinus issues.  

I witnessed the transformation of a co-worker over an incredible 5 days.   

The bags left from under her eyes.  Her voice, which was always horse cleared up.  She looked and felt about 500% better.  

This is the device I am talking about: 

For mobile and tablets:   

The HydroPulse was created by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist named Murry Grossan.   His creation has helped a lot of people get rid of or lessen their medications and obtain tremendous relief from chronic sinus and allergy problems.  

While the neti pot and squeeze bottles are what many people turn to, the Hydro Pulse is easier to utilize and probably does a better job.    The difference is that it is powered by pulsatile irrigation.   This allows a deep cleaning of the sinus and nasal passages. 

I can tell you from personal experience that it is much more comfortable to use than the squeeze bottle.   I suspect it has to be easier to use than the Neti Pot too.   I can't imagine turning the pot at an awkward angle to pour water into my nostrils. 

The Hydro Pulse allows you to avoid such awkwardness.  The tip pulses the water in one nostril, it goes through the nasal and sinus passages and comes out the other nostril.   

I used it for a head cold once and it gave me the ability to sleep that night which was very difficult before using the machine.   

It's a powerful tool for those who are suffering with the above mentioned symptoms.   Thanks goes to Dr. Grossan for creating this wonderful device. 

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