Wednesday, September 4, 2019

My Best Gouge On Back Pain

Back pain can be a horrible thing.   

If you have experienced the kind of pain that I have, then you already know how debilitating it can become.

You know what the meaning of PAIN is. 

Before I tell you what I went through, let me save you some time and just tell you to get this book for low back pain.    It's the best thing you can do, in my opinion, for your back. 

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I Tried A Lot Of Things

But, it was Back Mechanic,that helped me the most.   It helped me to get pretty much pain free and to get on the road to recovery. 

Before that, it seemed that I was getting worse.  I knew that I needed just answers, but the RIGHT answers. 

No one was able to help.  Medication did not address the underlying problem.   I was told that I should think about getting an epidural for the pain. 

I thought that was ridiculous.  If you mask the pain, you can just hurt yourself more and not even know it, until the epidural wears off in a few months.    That was not what I wanted. 

I tried many chiropractors.   Some helped and some hurt.   Cold laser was, for me, a waste of time. Ultrasound was more effective than cold laser treatments.  

I can say that there was one chiropractor that actually helped, but in exchange I had a left foot paresthesia  that showed up one evening after an adjustment.   I still have that numbness today, 1.5 years later.     I cannot say for sure it was from the chiro's adjustments, but it showed up at a suspicious time.   

All these doctors, treatments and consultations were expensive. 

In McGill's book, I finally began to understand that what other people DO TO YOU is not the best answer.   It is WHAT YOU DO FOR YOURSELF that matters most. 

McGill explains the back very simply and elegantly.   His insight is great.  I went to school for a long time in a related field and I didn't learn or gain what I gained from this book.   

McGill is a PhD.  in spinal biomechanics.  So, it makes sense that he would know and understand the back and back pain well. 

He has a simple system that is a lot easier to do than some of the complicated things I have seen out there.   

I would recommend that you read his book if you are struggling with back pain. 

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