Monday, October 14, 2019

Expensive Dental Treatments And The HydroFloss

Expensive Dental Treatments And The HydroFloss

The cost of health care seems to be out of control.  Dental care is no exception.  Expensive treatments that insurance, if you have any dental insurance, hardly covers.   Maybe they pay 20% or so.   We seem to get stuck with the rest. 

What Can We Do?  

If the problem you are facing is a treatment for your gums, I can share with you the story of what I did to handle that problem. 

I was told I needed a Scaling and Root Planing Treatment a.k.a  SRP or 'deep cleaning'.    It's rather expensive.

They said my gums were unhealthy and they needed to scrap below the gumline to remove built up plaque and tartar. 

I was told this treatment was the ONLY thing that could help me.

Fortunately,  I was skeptical enough to go and see if I could solve this problem without getting the prescribed treatment that was the 'only thing' that could help me.

I learned a lot along the way and wrote a book on this topic called  What You Should Know About Gum Disease - The Layman's Guide To Fighting Gum Disease

On my journey, I tried many things.   I tried different mouthwashes, oil pulling, essential oils, toothpastes, extra flossing and more.

Nothing worked.  Every time I went back to that dental office, I was told that I better not delay the treatment any longer - or something along those lines.

I was evened threatened that I must sign a waiver that it is not their fault if I lose my teeth.

Finally, I was ready to quit.   Thank goodness that I did not.

I decided to try one more thing and it worked!

The dentist even told me that I no longer needed the treatment that was previously said to be the 'only thing' that could help me.

What did I do?    I used this:

I was so delighted with the results that I began to sell them to others because I knew I could probably help other people in the same situation.

3 out of every 4 people have gum disease according to most dental professionals.

Most just don't know it until these 'special treatments' are offered to them.

The benefit to buying from the above link is that I can help you learn how to get the results I got from this machine.    Anyone who purchases from the above link can have a phone call with me.

I give the insider gouge that may help the most. 

The best part, you verify the results at your own dentist's office.   I'll tell you how to do that as well.

Does it work for everyone?   NO.  But it seems to have worked for the majority of people I talked to.

For $98 dollars, I avoided a $1500 + treatment, plus the pain of recovery once the numbness wore off.

Was it worth it?  you bet it was.   I'm glad I figured out this problem.    I want others to benefit too and that is why I sell these machines.

the link again is:

Stay healthy and well.


PS:  Call me when you get your machine from Toothy Grins and I'll be happy to pass on my knowledge and experiences to you.  (offer only for those who purchase one of these machines through Toothy Grins) 

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