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Friday, September 13, 2019

HydroMagnetic Oral Irrigator For Better Health

HydroMagnetic Oral Irrigation Really Is Better? 

Let's stop and do a little thinking.  Just the common sense kind, nothing fancy.   OK?  

When your gums are infected as in gingivitis or gum disease (same disease process in different stages) there is an abundance of bacteria.  

The tissues of your mouth are rather thin.  There is not much barrier between them and your bloodstream. 

A low grade chronic infection in the mouth could potentially function as a wellspring of bacteria that can easily get into your bloodstream and affect other parts of the body.  

For years researchers have been noting a connection between gum disease and a number of other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, lung infections, and more.    Whether the relationship is causal or not has not been definitively studies as far as I know. 

Yet, I can tell you that I did talk to one anesthesiologist who worked with heart surgeons.   He said most of the heart disease surgeries they did involved a patient with periodontal disease.   

Anecdotal?  Perhaps, but if he was really seeing that most of the time, I don't really find a reason to doubt the observation.  Do you?  

So, keeping your gums healthy and free of gum disease might help the other aspects of your health to improve as well.   

Still with me?  

A long time ago I had an experience wherein I was told that I had gum disease.   I didn't like the description of the treatment they wanted to do.   These are often called 'deep cleanings' or 'scaling and root planing" or SRP treatments.  

They like to scrape under you gumline to get rid of any beneath the gum line tartar that has built up. 

To give you an idea of how that might feel, they typically offer you a local anesthetic to get the job done.  

I put this treatment off for a long time, looking for something that might make my gums healthy again. 

I tried a bunch of things like oil pulling, special toothpastes and mouthwashes, extra string floss and more.   Unfortunately, every time I went back to the dentist, I was reminded that I needed that treatment.   

I was disappointed that nothing was working. 

Then I found a machine that really helped me.   I know it did because the dentist reacted differently.  She said, "Whatever you are doing, keep it up.  You don't need that treatment any longer.  

I was delighted.  

This is what I used: 

My gums were healthy again.   I was very happy.  

I hope you can be too.  

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigator For Dental Health

HydroMagnetics Makes For Better Oral Irrigation?

You bet it does.   

Here is a little proof:  

Peer reviewed studies have proven a statistically significant reduction in plaque and tartar buildup between regular dental office visits.  

The peer reviewed journal these studies were published in is The Journal of Clinical Periodontology.  

The first study was published in May of 1993 and the second in May of 1998.   

What does this reduction in plaque and tartar mean for your dental health?  

The only real objective measurement for the health of your gums is something called periodontal pocket depths.   You may have heard some of these numbers at your dentist's office. 

If not, there is a problem.  Dental offices should be checking these numbers on every visit and it is important to you to know what those numbers are.  

Generally speaking, if your periodontal pocket depths are at 3mm or below, most dental professionals would call that gum tissue healthy.    Conversely,  above 3 mm, most dental professional would call that 'unhealthy'.  This would essentially be called gum disease.  

So, you want to know your numbers and have them call them out to you on every dental visit.  You can even ask them to make a little chart to show you where the trouble areas are. 

How Does HydroMagnetics Help?

I'm going to give you my personal experience.  Of course, just because it worked for me, doesn't mean it will work for everyone.   But, I've talked to many people over the years and many have reported great results from using this fantastic HydroMagnetic machine.  

I tried everything to correct my periodontal health.  Nothing was working.  My dentist wanted to do what is called a 'deep cleaning'  or  SRP or Scaling and Root Planing Treatment on me.  

This did not sound appealing!  

I decided to try and see what I could do on my own.   Nothing seemed to work.  I tried oil pulling, various mouthwashes and toothpastes, plenty of flossing and just plain working hard on my oral health.  

Unfortunately, the problem persisted.  The dentist kept telling me I needed the treatment mentioned above.   

I decided to try one last thing.   I tried the HydroFloss oral irrigator    It worked.  The dentist was shocked when she examined my mouth.  After what seemed like a long time, she said, "Whatever you are doing, keep it up.  You don't need that treatment any longer."   

Obviously, I was delighted.  I felt like my persistence paid off, just like it is supposed to in life.   

Hydromagnetics cause the plaque and bacteria to become less adhesive.  They come off easier, leaving less behind.   

The body may then have a chance to heal itself.  

This manifested in a reduction of periodontal pockets in my personal case.   This, in turn, led the dentist to say everything was now ok.  

You can read more about this machine at the following link: 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigator

Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigator

This is the hydromagnetic oral irrigator that I recommend for home use.  I believe it is also the only one available today and to the best of my knowledge it was the first as well. 

You can find it through this link: