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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Home Remedy For Gum Disease

Self Treatment Is Not The Best Idea

First and most importantly.  Please realize that you should always be under the care of a good dentist, or better yet, a good periodontist when dealing with gum disease.

There are multiple reasons for this. 

One is that it is difficult for you to know and understand what you are dealing with.  For more information about what gum disease is and what you can do about it, read this book.

Secondly,  whatever you try to do to combat gum disease will still require someone to validate or refute the results you get.

For example,  say you saw some commercial about a mouthwash that fights gum disease and you try it.   Don't think that the problem is gone.  You need your periodontist to verify that your gums are healthy.

Those commercials can be a bit misleading.  

The problem of gum disease is more complicated than that and will likely require more than just using mouthwash.   Please read the book referenced above for more information.

What I Think You Should Try - And Can Be Used From Your Home 

As mentioned before, always be under the care of and be monitored by a good periodontist when attempting any type of remedy.   They can tell you if it is working for you or not. 

Having said that, there is something that worked for me and has worked for a lot of other people too - and the results have been verified by the dental professionals that care for those people. 

In fact, many dental professionals already know about this machine that you use at home.  

I tried many things before I used this tool and I can tell you that this tool worked more thoroughly and completely than any of the other things I tried.   

Something Serious

Gum disease is a serious problem.  

1. It is the number one cause of tooth loss!  

2.  Dental professionals tell us that 3 out of every 4 people  (75%)  have some right now!  

It's sneaky and relatively silent.  Many people don't know they have it until they either see their gums receding or the dentists tells them  (another reason to go to your regular appointments and cleanings).  
There are many people who have lost teeth and have had to get dentures and implants and they still don't know the reason is that they had gum disease.  

In addition, many professional researchers have been finding connections to gum disease and other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, lung infections and even oral cancer.    Of course, more research is needed, but generally speaking, MANY researchers have been noting these connections for years upon years.  

Therefore, gum disease is rather serious and pretty sneaky!  

It's important to find a good dentist or a good periodontist.   In my opinion, finding a good one is NOT easy - but you must do the work to find one.   

In a nutshell, you have to find a caring and compassionate doctor who is more interested in saving your teeth than in pulling them and giving you implants.   

Such doctors do exist, but they may not be so easy to find.  

I hope this information has helped you.  Please leave a comment below and speak your mind, share your experience or give your opinions on this topic. 


David Snape

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