Friday, July 18, 2014

Tea Tree Oil - Amazing Stuff From Mother Nature...

Have you discovered the power of Tea Tree Oil Yet?   Mother nature is the most intelligent of all scientists, isn't she?

The natural plant chemicals that she produces are like a gift.  They have power that goes beyond the current, collective wisdom of man kind's best science.   Even scientists themselves marvel at what mother nature can do.  Engineers take their clues from the way animals have 'adapted' or were created for their environment.  

Plants are no different.  What we know about Tea Tree Oil is that it can kill bacteria, viruses and fungus.   People are using it for all kinds of things.  It doesn't take much research to discover that tea tree oil is probably one of those things you need in your medicine cabinet. 

For example: Did you know that in WWII, Australian troops were given Tea Tree Oil to carry with them into battle?    It was considered important enough to add to the weight of what soldiers must carry around with them.   That points to the importance and power of tea tree oil.  

Do some research of your own.  Just google 'uses for tea tree oil'  and you'll be surprised at what you discover.   In time, more people are probably going to learn about this important oil.

Essential oils are very powerful.  You have to be careful with them.  Many oils simply disintegrate the labels that are on the bottles they come in.   But with this particular label, you don't have to worry about that.

I have seen videos on youtube that talk about using tea tree oil for acne, nail fungus, dental health and many others.  I think it doesn't take a genius to figure out this would be good stuff to have around the house.   

If you use tea tree oil now, please do everyone who reads this a favor and post your personal uses of tea tree oil.  This will help people to discover uses they may not have been aware of in the past.

It's important to get 100% Pure Australian oil.  Australian oil is the best.  Some oil is coming from other countries and the quality is often limited.   If you are going to use tea tree oil, might as well give yourself the best chance at using something that will actually get the job done.  Some of those other oils have problems in their chemical makeup.  

Smell:  A good tea tree oil should actually smell pretty good.  If you smell a turpentine like smell from your oil, you should wonder about the source of the oil.   Good tea tree oil doesn't 'stink'.  

There are so many uses for tea tree oil.  It's worth keeping some around.   If you have some favorite uses, please share them below.  Please take a second to share this page on your favorite social media sites, like facebook, twitter, etc.

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