Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chandler Park Dental Care To Provide A Day of Free Care

I remember reading about this event from last year.   They call it 'smiles from the heart'.  I think it is fantastic!

A group of dentists and staff will provide free cleanings, fillings or extraction. 

The event will be on February 8th 2013.

This will be held at Dr. Eli Jackson's office  in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  - Which I believe is home of he Corvette as well.    The Phone number there is:  (270) 282-4777.  

I hope they will help a lot of people who cannot otherwise afford dental care. 

Last year, it sounds like they donated over 90K in free services to the public. 

I'm all for licensed and qualified dental professionals giving back to the community as I mentioned here.   


David Snape

PS: Here is a grat tool for  home care tool and promoting dental health between office visits. 

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